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Dynasty Season 8 Continuity Errors


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  • Dynasty Season 8 Continuity Errors

    In the latter half of Dynasty Season 8, Krystle begins to grow 'suspicious' that something was fishy about Cecil and Alexis's wedding, during the season 8 campaign for Governor fight between Blake and Alexis.

    She questions first Cecil's former lawyer, and then the doctor who treated Cecil after his heart attack, and lastly the minister who performed the ceremony. She then goes to Alexis saying she will just need a few more answers before she has the information she needs against Alexis. The attorney, Gerald Wilson, refused to answer anything for Krystle when she asked what was 'going on' at the time of Cecil's marriage and death. The minister tells her Cecil 'hesitated' briefly before saying 'I do', and the doctor also refuses to answer any questions, but a nurse who claims she was Cecil's personal nurse at the time gives Krystle further cause for suspicion.

    Through the wonders of seasons 1 - 8 being available on Amazon Prime, I've watched some related scenes from Season 3 of Dynasty.

    First, Cecil was, in season 3 following his heart attack, admitted to Memorial Hospital Medical Center, not Cheney Hospital as they show Krystle visiting to talk to the doctor about the day Cecil died. They used footage from season 3 for this season 8 story, for flashbacks, and it would have been easy to use the same establishing shot, rather than the Cheney hospital establishing shot.

    Second, Attorney Wilson spoke with Blake and Krystle in season 3, telling them that Cecil had a premonition he was going to die, and instructed him to go to Cecil's office if anything happened, and he'd find a sealed envelope with instructions of 'what to do'. The contents of the envelope were a letter to Blake and a video tape revealing that Cecil was Logan Rhinewood. The mystery of what was going on with Cecil was revealed in Episode 4 of Season 3, The Will. Gerald Wilson's reluctance to talk to Krystle in season 8 was a bit 'too little, too late' as he had already told Blake and Krystle plenty when Cecil first passed away about Cecil's 'state of mind' before he died.

    Third, the nurse that tells Krystle she was Cecil's personal nurse was not the same woman shown assigned to Cecil in the hospital in season 3. It was a nurse Stratton, and a completely different actress, who had 'rude' encounters with Alexis. Presumably there was more than one nurse assigned, but, to have this person go to the length she did to reveal her connection to Cecil and her interaction with Alexis, she should have claimed to be 'one of the nurses' assigned, not Cecil's personal nurse.

    Seems like the writers weren't terribly concerned with continuity at the time.

    As an aside, the same actor who played Gerald Wilson, John Larch, also played Atticus Ward in a later season of the original show Dallas (who turned out to be Dusty Farlow's biological father and was killed by Dusty's bio mom, Jessica Farlow) as well as playing another character named Wally Windham, a resident of California involved with the Ewings in season 8 of Dallas.

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    I don't really remember any specifics about this storyline, but I'm not surprised about the lack of continuity. I do recall hearing over the years that there was never any real story planning and most of it was made up as it went along so yeah, not surprising at all.


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      Gerald Wilson, in season 8, after meeting with Alexis and getting ticked off at her all over again, gives Krystle a copy of 'Cecil's original will' that was in force before he decided to marry Alexis and his revised will - completely unethical....

      Krystle takes it home to Blake, and upon comparison realize that Cecil revised his will to give control of everything to Alexis......further fueling Krystle's belief that something shady was done, by Alexis....

      This also conflicts with season 3......

      Krystle was at the reading of Cecil's will.....she heard for herself that Cecil's will left everything to Alexis only IF she had produced an heir for him....if not, he left half his holdings (aside from his mansion, which Alexis never lived in) to Alexis and half to Jeff......

      As an aside, there was a question of whether Fallon was Cecil's child or Blake's in the second season, and they went with Blake....this would have proven to be enough for Alexis to gain control of ColbyCo right from the get-go as she had already produced an heir...Fallon.....if they had decided to make her Cecil's daughter....or make Adam Cecil's son......instead of Blake's son...since Adam was Alexis's first-born.....


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        Also in Season 8, Alexis hires an 'image-maker' to help in her campaign for Governor of Colorado. He comes to her suite at the Carlton Hotel to meet with her.

        He tells her how important the support of her children will be.....and says 'They are Adam, Steven, and Fallon, correct?'

        Alexis does not add Amanda to the list and correct her image-maker (Russ Kelton).........and it appears that Amanda has been forgotten by both her parents (and her siblings) as none of them mention her when Blake hands over control of Denver-Carrington to the three of them (having equal vote in major decisions, with Steven running things day to day) during his bid for Governor as well.


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          Was Amanda ever even mentioned on the show again at all after Karen Cellini's departure? I seem to recall a brief mention of Amanda having left Denver in the episode after Cellini's last episode and then as far as I remember nobody ever mentioned her again. I don't think she was even mentioned in the 1991 reunion.


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            No, she wasn't mentioned again after Cellini left - just the episode you mentioned where she'd gone back to Europe...then you didn't hear of her again......

            That also happened, I believe, with Leslie Carrington after season 8.....she was not in season 9, and not mentioned as to where she'd gone (at least to the best of my recollection).....

            I also seem to recall a setup of Krystle having dizzy spells/headaches either late in season 7 or early in season 8, but then it was dropped until the end of season 8 when she had made a mess of the bedroom and then disappeared, and in season 9 it came out that Blake knew this would happen eventually but had hoped they had more time....


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              I remember the Leslie scene where she was found beaten up in the season finale. And when season 9 began she was not mentioned nor did we ever find out what happened to her.


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                Nope, no mention of picks up right where it left off with Sean and Dex's gun struggle/the gun going off....and Leslie has already disappeared, as has Steven, even though it's the same day as the end of Season 8....

                Both Joan Collins and Emma Samms had grown out their hair longer between the two season as well (I suspect Collins was wearing a longer wig, actually), and they tried to cover up this difference by having Alexis's hair 'pinned up' in the back as she had been in the bathtub when Sean broke in, but it was noticeably longer when let down than it had been at the end of Season 8...Emma Samms' hair had also darkened in color between the two seasons as well as being longer. Everyone else looked pretty much the same.

                The cast was also trimmed for season 9. I believe Dana (Adam's wife) was only present in the first episode of the season, and then was written out after the major cast departures between the seasons were Leann Hunley (Dana), Jack Coleman (Steven), Terri Garber (Leslie), and James Healy (Sean). The additions to the cast were (after the first episode) were Stephanie Beacham (Sable Colby) and Traci Scoggins (Monica Colby). Linda Evans (Krystle) left after 9 episodes when her character was written off as being in a coma in Switzerland after a failed medical procedure.


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                  I do wonder, had the show been renewed for a tenth season what they would have done with Monica.


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                    Monica was told during season 9 that Jason Colby was not her father after all...neither she nor Miles......when the 'Jeff and Monica' possible incest storyline happened, which was to me very humorous because Fallon married two men who were her cousins....Jeff and Miles....since Alexis and Sable were first cousins.....

                    That said, Monica could have tried to track down her biological father in season 10.....if it had happened....

                    They also could have brought back a character from the past for a romance storyline for her....Clay Fallmont (ex-husband of Sammy Jo), ....or the nephew of Zach Powers from The Colbys could have come to Denver....Sean McAllister....or created a new character.

                    I can't imagine she'd have been hired by ColbyCo (despite being a Colby) but she could have become head legal counsel for Denver-Carrington.


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                      Monica could also have become a love interest for Adam in Season 10, if it had happened.

                      Had Monica been so disillusioned by her mother's lie about her paternity, she might have been left vulnerable to Adam's 'charms' and both could have worked to steal both ColbyCo and Denver Carrington.....

                      I loved the addition of Sable to season 9, and wish the show had continued on after that. Her sparring with Alexis was better than anything Krystle and Alexis ever did....


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                        I've been DVR-ing Dynasty on Pop TV. They show two eps every weekday. Right now they have just gotten into season 9. So I've been watching in a sort of fast mode from the one weekly show when I was a kid (we were a Dallas family then lol.) So anyway season 8 was bad and season 9 is worse. No Steven, Leslie, etc. Krystle and Alexis are only in about half the eps and are tag teaming eps. Not sure what happened from seasons 5 and 6 to seasons 8 and 9 but someone had driven it into the ground in record speed. Dropped stories and characters plague this last season.


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                          There was a new executive producer in the final season.....that was one of the biggest things that went wrong with it, and the reduction in cast size and episodes that Joan Collins appeared in was to save money as the show had gotten too expensive to produce with the revenue they were realizing after eight seasons......

                          Story-wise, I liked the season-long mystery.....I liked that the Carrington/Colby/Dexter families were all involved in it.....I loved Sable.....I just think the writers didn't count on one day being able to re-watch prior seasons and realize the major gaps in continuity of storyline the whole Roger Grimes mystery included. I want to go back to Season 2 now and re-watch Alexis's courtroom testimony to hear what she actually said about Roger and her affair with him and what he was like/who he was.....see how far it varies from Roger being the Carrington Estate architect, married, having a son, etc. ;0)


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                            Alexis's testimony is that Roger was the estate manager whom she became involved with and Blake discovered them in bed together when he came home early from a trip....

                            She stated that he took a large heavy candlestick and beat Roger with it on the head and chest.....

                            Little more than that was said except that Roger was as interested in art as she was, and she had hoped he would nurture her as a painter.


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                              Originally posted by bill75 View Post
                              I've been DVR-ing Dynasty on Pop TV. They show two eps every weekday. Right now they have just gotten into season 9. So I've been watching in a sort of fast mode from the one weekly show when I was a kid (we were a Dallas family then lol.) So anyway season 8 was bad and season 9 is worse. No Steven, Leslie, etc. Krystle and Alexis are only in about half the eps and are tag teaming eps. Not sure what happened from seasons 5 and 6 to seasons 8 and 9 but someone had driven it into the ground in record speed. Dropped stories and characters plague this last season.
                              Today Episode showed season 9 show Finale.


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