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  • Rate The Dynasty Cliffhangers

    Dynasty had a cliffhanger for all nine seasons, and while the first one didn't really put anyone in jeopardy, it was still considered a cliffhanger.

    Rank the Dynasty cliffhangers in order of your favorites.

    Alexis enters the courtroom during Blakes's trial/Claudia is hospitalized
    Blake is left to die by Nick Tosconi
    Alexis and Krystle are trapped in a burning cabin
    Alexis is arrested/Fallon goes off the road
    La Mirage Fire/Blake Chokes Alexis
    Alexis drives off a bridge/Matthew Blaisdell reappears
    Sean and Dex fight over a gun, and one is shot
    Alexis and Dex go over the balcony/Blake is shot and lies bleeding

  • #2
    1. Moldavia-maybe it looks cheesy now, but it was awesome at the time.
    2. La Mirage Fire/Blake Chokes Alexis-the final scene should've been the fire-we all knew Blake wasn't actually going to choke the life out of Alexis.
    3. Alexis enters the courtroom-love the reactions on everyone's faces as she enters. The Claudia accident was a good scene too.
    4. Alexis and Krystle in the cabin-Obviously they were going to survive but it was a pretty tense scene nonetheless.
    5. Alexis and Dex over the balcony-good finale but frustrating because by that point it was obvious the show was headed for cancellation and there should've been no cliffhanger
    6. Alexis arrested, Fallon goes off the road-not bad but a crappy way to write Pamela Sue Martin off the show.
    7. Alexis drives off a bridge, Matthew reappears-gotta say I never saw Matthew returning. That was a surprise, at least to me.
    8. Sean and Des fight over a gun, one is shot-decent cliffhanger though it would've been nice had we found out what happened to Leslie.
    9, Blake left to die by Nick-could've cared less. Never liked the Nick character and was glad to see him go.


    • #3
      Matthew's return was a HUGE shock to me at the had been six years since he'd appeared on the show, he hadn't really been mentioned in a while.....

      I was, however, disappointed that he didn't stick around longer into season 8....that he was killed off in episode 2....taking the entire family hostage was one thing, but if he had kidnapped Krystle and taken her back to South America and Blake had to find her and rescue her, that would have been (to me) more interesting....and Steven could still have killed him, in South America.....or there could have been a car chase where Matthew and Krystle go off the road and he dies, just as he supposedly had years before.....

      In season 9, there was a scene with a woman in a limo talking about 'bringing down Blake Carrington' (shortly before the show ended)...and they never actually showed her....but I wish it had turned out to be Claudia.....having been rescued from the fire at La Mirage and a hotel maid being the body they found in her room...and Claudia having left town feeling betrayed by everyone and just disappearing.....marrying a wealthy man and being widowed, and returning to Denver (finally) a rich woman with enough power to try to strike back at Blake......


      • #4
        I know a lot of people didn't like Claudia but I loved that character and hated the way the show treated Pamela Bellwood.


        • #5
          I sometimes liked her and sometimes didn't.....I liked her vulnerability and compassion, but they never really gave her much to do....that's why I would have loved to have seen her return for season 10, if there had been a season 10, rich and strong....and wanting vengeance against all those who had hurt her....Blake, Adam, Alexis, Jeff.....Steven was gone at that point, and she never had a reason to hate Krystle other than jealousy over Matthew's lingering affection for Krystle, but...she likely would have targeted her as well.......Claudia felt so betrayed by everyone the night she died......and was written as 'vulnerable' the entire time she was on the show...I would love to have seen that change for her.


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