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Falcon Crest - Season 7


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  • GuidingLite
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    Falcon Crest - Season 7

    I am roughly half-way through re-watching Season 7. I think this was the last season I watched weekly when the show originally ran.

    Chase is gone - either drowned or simply 'disappeared' in the San Francisco Bay trying to rescue Melissa and Kevin, and Dan Fixx. Richard has learned that Angela is his mother, and Maggie and Richard are officially a couple.

    In watching this season, it seems like an endless parade of 'guest stars' (Eddie Albert, Eve Arden, Tahnee Walch, Lauren Hutton, Buck Henry, etc.) and the stories are all over the place. Lance accused of helping his fiance to commit suicide, Richard held hostage and put out as prey in a 'hunt', Vicki kidnapped into white slavery when Eric owes a gambling debt.....there's so many moving stories it's hard to concentrate on anything.

    The show's ratings had really begun to slide by this point, and it's obvious why - the quality of the story telling had lessened greatly. While each prior season seemed to have cohesive stories, some of them central to most of the season, some not....this season is just very random and scattered. The only recurring theme seems to be the three codicils to Chase's will that were revealed in the opening of the season when he was declared dead - one to be opened right away, one in the event that Maggie marries Richard, and one six months after that wedding. I recall what the last codicil reveals....and know the first one, but the second one has yet to be disclosed, and I don't recall the details.

    For those who watched the entire original run of the show - was your interest in Falcon Crest fading by this point? Both FC and Dynasty have had their 7th seasons highly criticized as dull, repetitive, lack-luster, unimaginative story telling, etc. Dallas, in their 7th season, seemed to really be going strong, and the show did last another 7 seasons after that.....what do you think they did so 'right' that the other prime time soaps got 'wrong'?

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