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David Jacobs, creator of Dallas and Knots Landing, has passed away


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  • David Jacobs, creator of Dallas and Knots Landing, has passed away

    Very sad news. Although I wasn't a big fan of Dallas, I loved Knots Landing. It’s incredible how he created two shows with very different foundations. Knots and Dallas have seen a number of actors pass away recently- Larry Hagman, Julie Harris, Kevin Dobson, and others, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before others join them, considering their ages.

    It’s hard to believe those shows came on over 40 years ago!

  • #2
    I recently watched the interview Mr. Jacobs did for the Television Academy. It was really interesting. He worked on and/or created a LOT of shows and had a lot of interesting stories to tell.


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      Sad news, it was my mom who watched Dallas but I often came across it when I was little (I didn't understand that Bobby who was dead was alive again, and my mother said me "the magic of soaps" lol) I understood muche later.

      I knew Knots Landing much better thanks to the rebroadcast in France on several channels and also in Spain, they knew to write dramas.​


      • #4
        Very sad news to hear, i love Dallas


        • #5
          I am saddened to learn this. I loved both Dallas and Knots. Both shows gave me so much enjoyment. It really is hard to believe they both ended over 30 years ago! RIP, Mr. Jacobs, and thank you.


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            I'm just seeing this now. Wow, he leaves a legacy. Like others, I didn't like the mean spiritedness of Dallas. My father used to call it the weekly episode of doom. However I loved Knots Landing. Although a spinoff of Dallas, it featured really nice characters who we could root for. And then you had the 'bad' characters like Abby, but she was very complex, a very loving mother, even if the ways that she protected her children were a bit over the top. And I will always love William deVane's Greg Sumner. That character was priceless.

            My sympathy to his family and loved ones.


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