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The New 'Prime Time Soaps'


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  • The New 'Prime Time Soaps'

    Granted they are nowhere near as over the top, splashy, and campy as the nightime dramas of the 80s and 90s....there are a few shows that, to me, qualify as a prime time soap.....they have serialized formats...characters seem to go from one drama to another, and they typically employ a season-ending cliffhanger...they just aren't about the super-rich any longer, in my opinion.

    One show that I feel qualifies as a 'nightime soap' in many ways is A Million Little Things. The twists and turns, the secrets and lies, the subplots....all they need is an evil twin and someone back from the dead and they'd be a soap, no question about it.

    What other shows, aside from the (horrible) new Dynasty do you think qualify as a Prime Time Soap?

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    In the 2000s I liked Revenge and Nashville ❤️


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    The first three or four seasons of The Walking Dead were very, very soapy. Although I quit watching that show about three years ago, one of my fondest memories of that AMC thriller series was how much like a soap opera it was in the early years.

    Friday Night Lights Gorgeous TV show. Should have won more Emmys because the acting was amazing.

    Another one: Battlestar Galactica I know people don't think "primetime soap" when they think of this beloved science fiction TV series from the 2000's, but IT WAS. It was gloriously soapy and one of the best TV shows ever regardless of genre.


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      Succession, Billions, Friday Night Lights. Drama, acting, enormous qualities.


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        I am a HUGE fan of TWD, but don't you think they overdo the 'back from the dead' thing a bit? Like even more than Days Of Our Lives, which is saying A LOT......


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          This is Us, Dynasty (2.0) and Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls although the latter two have no new episodes. Never really got into any of the Chicago or Law and Order shows or the other popular ones. Not a fan of the ones that have been on “forever” (10-15 + years).


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