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1981-82 Primetime Dramas Ratings/Rankings


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  • 1981-82 Primetime Dramas Ratings/Rankings

    Thought it would be fun to go back 40 years and see how our favorite primetime soaps ranked during that year's television season (Sept. 1981-May 1982). The first number indicates where each show ranked for that season and the number at the end indicates total viewers.

    01 DALLAS ....................... 23,146,000

    13 FALCON CREST .......... 17,441,000

    19 DYNASTY ..................... 16,463,000

    43 KNOTS LANDING .......... N/A

    There is a lot to unpack here .... 🤔

    First off, absolutely NO SURPRISE that Dallas finished first (even though this was the season which included one of their most anti-climactic cliffhangers ever) but what stunned me was that Knots Landing, even in its third season, could not finish in the Top 20. Number 43?!? Of course the fact that Falcon Crest came on after Dallas is the reason it ranks so high. It actually was doing better in its first season than Dynasty (No. 19) was doing in its second season.

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    There are a couple of reasons Knots Landing had such a hard time in the ratings that year- one, the show was moved a couple of times, starting off at 10pm, then moved to 9pm, then moved back to10pm, so fans might have been confused. Two, the show was up against Hill Street Blues and 20/20 when it aired at 10pm, both of which were stiff competition, and Diff’rent Strokes when it aired at 9pm. By season 4, the show returned to being a mainstay at 10pm and went in the top 20.


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