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Bobby dies on Dallas


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  • Bobby dies on Dallas

    I just finished watching Dallas the episode where Bobby dies I watched it on the French channel AMITL.

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    I just watched Dallas on the French Channel yesterday & it was when Bobby Ewing returned I remember watching it the 1st time in English.


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      I need to put a red X on that season, meant nothing since it was a dream


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        Loved having Bobby back alive, but so many good things in Season 9 were just abandoned....

        Ben Stivers (renamed Wes Parmalee in season 10) was supposed to really be Jock Ewing....alive after all....but when Bobby returned, the writers felt two 'back from the dead' characters (albeit under very different circumstances) was too much at one time....

        Donna and Ray adopting Tony - one of the best stories those two ever had...and they had to drop it...

        Jack Ewing returning and romancing Jenna Wade.....Jack should never have been let go........he was an excellent character....I liked both Jack and Jamie Ewing....

        Sue Ellen in the explosion at Ewing Oil in JR's office....I read that she was supposed to be very injured but not killed....but whereas it was a 'dream' didn't happen....

        To me they should have explained that Bobby flatlined and the entire season was his 'imagination' of what would have happened to everyone- something he saw like people saying their life flashes before their eyes, and they see a light at the end of a should not have been Pam's dream.....

        They did keep the 'Fake Jock' character.....and I did like that they reset to where characters were at the end of season 8 for many things, but....I still wish they'd found a way to keep some of the season 9 stories intact.....

        In my opinion the best thing they got rid of from Season 9 was Donna Reed as Ellie....the contrast of the two portrayals was just too different....Ellie played by Barbara Bel Geddes was 'dignified and strong'....Donna Reed was too 'prissy' as Ms. Ellie....


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          What i would like to get are the Dallas TV movies


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            You can buy them on DVD.....The Early Years, J.R. Returns, and The War Of The Ewings are all in one set, released after the original show's release on DVD...

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          Thank you, i will look into it


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