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Dallas favorite couple?


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  • Dallas favorite couple?

    I loved JR and Sue Ellen during the entire run of the original series and tv movies. I never saw the reboot. I loved the electricity between JR and Sue Ellen. I loved their fights and passion. I never could get into Bobby and Pam because they were dull as paint drying. Larry and Linda had a ton of chemistry together and they made you want to cheer for them despite the fact they were toxic together. They did love each other but did not know how to live each other.

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    In no particular order

    Lucy and Mitch
    Ray and Donna
    Val and Gary ( although technically they were more Knots Landing )
    Miss Ellie and Clayton

    I never liked Jock so it was nice when Ellie married Clayton.

    Gary and Val were such underdogs I I couldn’t help but root for them instead of most of the relationships JR and Bobby had .

    Lucy and Mitch similarly were more relatable.

    Ray and Donna I liked because they were such opposites.


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      I know I'm in the minority on this one but I loved Bobby and April together.


      • GuidingLite
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        While I didn't care for April at first, when she showed up wanting half of Jack's share of Ewing Oil.....I loved April by the time she married Bobby....she grew and matured so much as a character....only to be killed off. I was SO sad when April died, and to me it was just a big mistake....there was more they could have done to give Bobby a story arc in season 14 other than the pursuit of Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor....April's past between her divorce from Jack and showing up in Dallas could have been explored more....impacting her marriage to Bobby.....the whole 'Johnny Dancer' storyline could have been about April, not Liz Adams....had they not offloaded Cally, they could have had some epic Cally vs April dinner table the later seasons of Dallas I missed the family drinks and dinners scenes.....where Pam and Bobby mostly stood up for each other, but now and again hit a disconnect...where Sue Ellen and J.R. were often at odds....they could have had Cally start drinking heavily (repeating Sue Ellen's path) and April have been in a car accident due to Cally drunk driving and finding out she was pregnant with Bobby's child but lost it.....there's just a lot more they could have done with April and should have kept her through season 14.....Katherine Wentworth could have kidnapped her making Bobby think she left Pam did after her many avenues they could have taken.....

      • savytabby
        savytabby commented
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        I don't remember Bobby and April. Actually not sure if I remember the character of April. Though I do remember Jack. I liked him and Jenna.

        I also liked Bobby with Priscilla Presley's Jenna.

      • tosh
        tosh commented
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        Getting rid of Cally was a huge mistake, she was fresh and different person around southfork

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      Bobby and Pam were my favorite
      Ray and Donna were good too and I hated that they were trashed.
      Do Bobbie and Ann count
      what I saw of Bobbie and April were good too
      Liked Sue Ellen better standing up to JR


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        I liked Pam and Bobby too although they were not my favorites.

        I liked Sue Ellen’s other romances like Dusty and the one that fell out of the window.

        I never liked any of JR’s so called romances . I really couldn’t stand JR although I know he was the driving force of the show. I just couldn’t stand any of his pairings. They all made me queasy.


        • shadamlovin
          shadamlovin commented
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          I did later like Sue Ellen and JR. I like Sue Ellen's other romances as well. I was too young to remember Dusty. I did like Sue Ellen and Nick (They guy that fell out the window.) I also kinda like JR and Mandy which was the only women I kinda thought that he really loved. But I was always hoping he would get back with Sue Ellen after that point so I wasn't exactly rooting for them.

        • Emerald Greens
          Emerald Greens commented
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          Nick! That was the one!

          Dusty was Clayton’s son . I am sure viewers were pretty split in Dusty . Some loved him for Sue Ellen but I would expect others found him dull.

          Sue Ellen was too fragile for JR when she became stronger and independent she moved away from him. I do think however it was written JR and Sue Ellen were under each other’s skin not always a good thing.

          The reboot kind of messed up Sue Ellen after JR’s death and had her turning to alcohol again although I think it was brief. I think they let viewers believe they would have reconciled by the letter he left her. The show ended not long after that so I don’t know what would have happened with her . I know there was always something of a fanbase for Sue Ellen and Bobby.

          Probably due to LH declining health I don’t think he had the same enthusiasm or interest and it affected how he played JR . It was different.

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        Bobby and Pam, straight through. I tried with JR and Sue Ellen also, but each time I thought there was a chance, he cheated, she got drunk, something
        happened. A little of that went a long way.

        I enjoyed the reboot while LH was on, but still missed Pam, with Bobby.
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          Bobby and Pam they were good.


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            I wish the Dallas continuation had begun with John Ross coming home married to Pamela...called the episode 'Digger's Granddaughter' whereas the first episode was called Digger's Daughter on the original show....and having that reignite the Barnes/Ewing feud.....having Cliff 'plant' his daughter in the family, marry her cousin (Christopher) and use an assumed name....I hated that....I wasn't at all surprised that 'Rebecca Sutter' turned out to be Pamela Rebecca was so obvious. The continuation series had many good things about it, but also a TON of mis-steps (in my opinion).....and that, to me, was a huge missed opportunity - to not have 'history repeat itself' right off the bat....Cliff's treatment of his own daughter was COMPLETELY out of character with the Cliff that the show ended on in the 90s.....especially his detonating explosives when he knew his pregnant daughter was on an oil right...he'd NEVER have done that.....


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              I couldn't stand the character of Pam. She just seemed so self-righteous.

              Bobby and Jenna (Patrick Duffy and Priscilla Presley) were my favorite. During the season Bobby was killed off, I liked Jack and Jenna.

              I also liked Cliff and Jamie and was sorry that was trashed when "bobby's death was all a dream season" was revealed.

              I didn't like the Ray and Jenna pairing because there was no chemistry between SK and PP, plus it ruined the great friendship between Ray, Donna, and Jenna.


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                Bobby and Pam were my favorite.


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                  Bobby and Jenna.................


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                    Ray and Jenna is my choice


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