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    Would have love to see kally in it with JR son, also pam,ray,lucy ,jenna, etc


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      I actually really liked it.
      they needed to get rid of the younger characters- or recast Christopher and Elena. And they focused too much on the cartel at the end.

      i would love to have seen Judith Lights character turn out to be Jock’s long lost sister or something. She was great. There was potential, even after JR. but they didn’t seem to know where to go.


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        tptb were going HARD for sleezy & uber shock & awe & they lost me when they had John Ross, that sleezy girl of his & his wifey(I think)have a 3 way with both women wearing matching lingerie.
        the disgusting part was the wifey was drunk and/or drugged outta her mind!

        John Ross & that sleezy chick RAPED her
        that was way over the line on prime time.
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          That was the last I watched of it. I watched to begin with to see LH again.

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        Just revisiting this thread now....a year after the last comment was left, haha.

        As another poster said; if you watch it expecting it to be 80% like the original...then you won't like it....and I see the wisdom there, but I offer this:

        The producers and writers were reviving the number one show from 80s primetime hands was a night time soap had been off the air since 1991...(aside from the reunion movies, which they ignored in this continuation).....Dallas had a built-in audience...that had missed it for 21 years, and would like to see their old favorites. It wasn't the same males playing John Ross and Christopher.....the audience needed time to accept that - Bobby, Sue Ellen, and J.R. were the same actors....they were familiar...the show should have at least 'eased' all the newbies in....when the original ended, John Ross was in England with Sue Ellen, and didn't want anything to do with J.R. - what happened there that brought him back to Southfork? And Sue Ellen...why was she in Dallas once again? Those questions should have been answered....

        A while back I said (twice apparently, haha) that I thought the premiere episode should have been 'Digger's Granddaughter' with John Ross having married Pamela, and the two of them going to tell their fathers...separately....knowing the problems it could cause. THEN Cliff and J.R. should have faced each other again, with Bobby acting as moderator...trying to broker peace and keep harmony....and Cliff and J.R. giving lip service to agreeing....but walking away (individually) and once again declaring war upon each other (to themselves).....and trying to break up Pamela and John Ross. Christopher absolutely should have been included, and his idea with methane being the catalyst for reviving Ewing Oil (I liked that it was Ewing Energies) with Cliff luring Pamela into Barnes Global and trying to get her to see what he'd built, no thanks to the Ewings....Pamela and John Ross could have been the Bobby and Pam from the original least at first.....the first season should have been all about revitalizing Ewing (Oil) Energies, about Bobby realizing J.R. was up to no good....with the end of season one being about Pamela and John Ross reaching an impasse....both feeling loyalty to their respective father....and family. The second season could have shown John Ross taking his cues from J.R. and it driving a wedge between him and Christopher, each of whom were being groomed by their fathers to run Ewing Oil....and realizing that J.R. was passing on all his old tricks....while Bobby was trying to teach Christopher to do business honestly.

        The Ramos family should never have existed...Christopher should never have been married to 'Rebecca' (Pamela) nor gotten her pregnant...they were first cousins....and yes, Christopher was adopted, but....would someone REALLY still go there in this day and age? Cliff would never have risked his daughter's life with that oil rig explosion.....that destroyed his character completely....Christopher could have been married and divorced at the premiere of the show....and had his ex-wife come back to town with his give him a love story.....Bobby being remarried was fine, but it should have been another character from the past....even Traci McKay....they finally made it work.....and she could have explained that Hunter was her son from the relationship she had after Bobby....but he never acknowledged the boy, so she kept his name McKay....and he should not have been killed...he should have been an executive at WestStar...itching to take over the new Ewing Oil....and absorb it into WestStar.....the Ryland family was completely unnecessary.....just like the Ramos family....the third season should have been about Pam....and Katherine should not have been killed off...she should have been brought back to tell Bobby and Christopher what had become of Pam. Cliff could have blackmailed her years before for her shares of Barnes Wentworth (which, um, had been sold in the original show) to control them in order to help her evade the law throughout the years....Cliff would have done that much, certainly.....and I wish they could have convinced Pam to return. If they still had killed off Christopher, then season four should have been Ray's return, with Lucas, for Christopher's funeral, and Lucas wanting to stay a while, and Bobby trying to get him interested in Ewing Energies, with Ray resenting Bobby trying to make Lucas into a modern version of himself, when it was Ray who raised him and didn't raise Lucas to be a wheeler and dealer in the oil business....

        To me there should have been a LOT more of the old show in the first season....they shouldn't have made the veteran characters secondary, as the largely were, to the younger characters and complete newbies....
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          I stuck it out for 2 reasons: Linda Gray and Josh Henderson.


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