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Dynasty 2018 Season Finale


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  • Dynasty 2018 Season Finale

    Did anyone else watch Dynasty this season on the CW? I have to admit when it started I thought it was terrible. But I stuck with it and the Thanksgiving episode really turned it around and it became my favorite show that I looked forward to watching every week. And the season that was a true cliffhanger! With the ratings as scary bad as they were all season I never expected the show to get a season 2 so imagine my surprise when it was renewed for another season. I can't wait until next season. Anyone have thoughts on the show?

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    I liked it... overall. I loved the guys who played Steven, Sammy Jo, and Anders. The female roles were a little problematic for me. The actress who plays Fallon is just ok, although it's a tough character to play, as she's so unlikable. Crystal is more interesting but I'm still on the fence about her. LOVE Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis, though- wow! And I also loved that she went to save Crystal once she got out of the burning room, something the original Alexis would NEVER have done. I'm probably old fashioned, but the show is too fast paced for me LOL. Developments happen so quickly that I feel the effects or repercussions get a little lost. I also love the homages such as Ted Dinard, Kirby's arrival and set up as being a psycho, and Claudia's nutty behavior. I just hope they add another female soon. And I also love the racial inclusiveness, too, and the change to Georgia.

    What do you think of the show, jagger? Specifically your likes and dislikes?


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      I love the show. At first I thought Grant Show as Blake was terrible casting, but he won me over pretty quickly. I like all of the characters for the most part. The only one I couldn't stand was Blake's father so I was pretty happy when he was dropped. I like Fallon but her being the star and receiving star I don't know that I would have gone that route were I in charge. On this show, Alexis has only been gone I believe they said 11 years so I don't see how they could bring Amanda on, at least not as an adult. I enjoyed Claudia's antics, but my biggest problem with her was that they made her TOO crazy. I loved Pamela Bellwood's portrayal in the original and found Claudia sympathetic. I don't sympathize with her here, but she's a great psycho villain. The breakout here I think is Nicollette Sheridan. I've always liked her and found her to be a capable actress, but here she really brings her A-game and breathed new life into the show. She's the MVP of the show as far as I'm concerned.I too like the racial inclusiveness. Oh, and I love the father-son vibe between Anders and Sammy Jo. At first I thought Anders was going to be as unlikable as Lee Bergere's Joseph Anders was in the original, but he's great! I guess the one thing I don't like is the fact that they dispatched Matthew so quickly. I loved Nick Wechsler on Revenge and he would have made a great member of the cast here. I wonder if they are considering adding the Dex character to the mix soon. I could talk about this show all day, My favorite new show of the season.


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        I ended up watching the out of boredom, and I feel in love with the show... The ending was a major cliffhanger.. I do not like the Colby's being related to the Carrington's. If I were Fallon I wouldn't stop throwing up.. Also didn't like that Blake still pushed that wedding knowing it eww...

        I love Fallon, she's a B but she's very dynamic and intelligent. I liked her with Colhane, but I want to see her with the new guy and where it leads...


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          Love the Dynasty series. Watch it all the time. It's a really good show


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            What did people think of the season 2 premiere? I liked it, even though, again, I felt it was just too fast paced. A lot happens in each episode!

            Things I liked:
            1) Alexis milking her stay in the hospital- 2 weeks in a hospital for smoke inhalation? LOL! Then she arrived at the mansion in an electric wheelchair- hilarious!

            2) All the hunks on this show- good grief! Michael, 'Adam,' Liam, Sammy Jo, Steven, the list goes on.

            3) Blake's new attitude. His speech was fantastic and Grant Show really impressed me.

            4) Kirby seems like a great addition, and I'm looking forward to seeing her interactions with Fallon, Steven, etc. I bet she will have an affair with Blake at some point, which will be interesting, to say the least. I also think the show will explore the backstory of the fire from years before, the one Anders said Kirby started. She said Fallon did it, but I suspect it will be revealed Steven started it, maybe by accident and didn't realize it.

            5) I am kind of glad Cristal is off the show, I just didn't care for the actress that much. But I do wish Steven and Fallon had been a little bit more saddened by her death. I know they weren't close to her, but their non-reaction kind of minimized the impact of her death. I am anxious to see how the show brings the real Cristal into their orbit.

            They really need to bring the real Adam on soon... the Carringtons need a straight guy in the family to open up more story possibilities.


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