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Trouble starting a blog


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  • Trouble starting a blog

    I've been asked to move some stuff I was writing to a blog, but I can't seem to do that. The best I can manage is to find a blog under my name in my profile that says there are no posts on it, which I realize--what I need to know is how to add posts to that blog, since there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to do that on that page.

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    not sure if you are looking in the upper right hand corner of your profile where it says blog. click there, the blogging space should show up then. be sure to give your blog a title also.
    hope this helps.


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      In your profile page, look for "View Blog Entries" at the top left. Click it...

      When your blog page opens, look in the top right corner for "Create New Post". Click that... A new window will open that looks like a regular post window. You can give your blog a title, just as you would when beginning a new thread, and post your thoughts in the open window.

      I hope this helps.
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        lol, guess Ms. Moore is right.
        but that's not the way i did mine. i did it the hard way.


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