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Another ad blocking access to the forum via iPhone


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  • Another ad blocking access to the forum via iPhone

    Hi Mods; For the past few weeks, I have been blocked from accessing individual threads when a notice that I've won something from Amazon (ostensibly because I have an iPhone) pops up.

    This is another example of an ad that completely blocks access to the site as there is no means to close the ad without acknowledging it (which I do not want to do). So, I must kill the page and start over plus clear the cookie/site link that it leaves in Chrome. I can tell you at least one specific thread - the one notifying us of the latest DTR link for Y&R. (BTW - I only access the Y&R forum).

    I understand that ads are a fact of life on web sites, but having one that cannot be closed without clicking on the ad itself as well as an ad that directs the user off of your site is not a good thing. Hopefully there is enough information to remove this obnoxious ad - if not, please let me know and I'll try to get more information.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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