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How do I start a poll?


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  • How do I start a poll?

    Reading the board I think most people are not wanting Ravi with Ashley or Phyllis. I would like to put it to a poll. I would like the poll question to be Who would you like Ravi with? And the options would be Ashley, Phyllis, Neither he is too young for either. Any advice on how I could do that?
    Last edited by Popforbreakfast; March 11, 2017, 08:50 AM. Reason: clarified title :)

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    go to post new thread
    decide on topic title at the top
    put your text in the box at the top of page
    scroll down to near the bottom
    you will see "post a poll"
    click on the number of options you want max 10
    Will advance to new page.
    put your question at the top
    put your options in the spaces available
    if you don't like what you see; you can delete it and start again.


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      Yes, please start a poll and hopefully the writers will read just what nonsense they are trying to shove at us. If this goes over then I guess we can expect Chloe to start dating Christian in a few years.....give me a break!


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        The poll option appears to new members after X number of posts and X length of membership

        That said, because polls use up a bigger chunk of server space, we ask that they be reserved for controversial/debate-able plot developments, and that polls asking who characters should date be avoided entirely.


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