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    As long as I name a post Article does that mean I can put anything on the board unrelated to Y&R? It seems like there are articles on the board that are selling something. Some of them do not even make sense. What are the guidelines for posts unrelated to Y&R?

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    Those posts are spam (the board has been infested with them lately).
    The rules are still very much the same. No off-topic post. Any other topic must be discussed through profile posts.


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      I have noticed this too. It isn't about y&r, it shouldn't be on here, IMHO


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        These are happening alot over at B&B too.


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          FYI, this is a message that was left by one of the mods on the Technical Board:

          About 99.9% of these spammers are bots, not people, so they definitely have the ability to light up the site like a Christmas tree. One bot can create multiple usernames, so it really is like playing Whack-A-Mole -- but NOT in a fun way! When we see a spammer, we immediately ban the bot and delete all of its posts, so it isn't necessary for posters to report each individual post a bot makes. Once the bot is banned, it can't create any more posts under that username, but, because it's a bot, it will probably immediately create a new account, and start all over again. Our former spam protector was really effective against all of this, but apparently that spam protector went out of business. (I cannot imagine why, because it really worked!) In the meantime, we're doing what we can -- as fast as our human non-bot selves can -- to get rid of this stuff, until another spam protector will work as well as the former one did. And we thank everyone for their understanding and patience!


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            Spam bots are not role models

            Re: the question about the article tag, that tag is specifically for soapcentral news links, not links to other sites.

            Happy Thursday!


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              The "Article" prefix seems to be a current favorite of spammer bots, which is why they are deleted as quickly as possible. Off-topic threads are not permitted on any board and will also be deleted. As Popforbreakfast explained, the "Article" prefix, when properly used, is primarily to redirect posters to other SOC articles -- especially those on SOC's FrontPage.
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