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Weird Mouse Error


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  • Weird Mouse Error

    I keep having an issue where when I go to respond to a quote, I will start typing on one line, but then the cursor will move to the line above the line I'm typing, and no matter how many times I click on the line I was writing on, typing will start on the line above the line I'm writing. Example of what happens when I'm in the middle of typing something:

    (quoted text)

    back on the show.
    I am also glad that character is

    The "I am also" line is the one I would be working on. Mid-sentence, the cursor will move up a line. I will then delete the text that went above, but when I put the cursor back where I wanted to continue my sentence and start typing, it will immediately go to the above line. Deleting the line also does not correct it, it will then move to where the quote was closed.

    It's strange, am I the only one experiencing this? It only happens if I'm quoting someone else.

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    I found this on the Dell site - if any of it seems helpful, you can probably find a similar troubleshooting guide tailored to your own mouse's manufacturer...


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