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App Store Re-route from Y&R board on Iphone 6 IOS 9.0.2


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  • App Store Re-route from Y&R board on Iphone 6 IOS 9.0.2

    Hi; Sorry to say that the issue with the re-route to the app store is happening again. It's not as frequent as it was a few weeks ago, but it is still happening.

    It routes to the app store for several apps - Game of War, Draft Kings. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get the ads that are displayed at the time of the re-route because once you are in the app store, when you return to the note you were reading, the ad has changed (i.e., I get a quick glimpse of the first ad, but I know the second ad is different due to color/shapes, not necessarily content).

    I get that the web masters are purchasing the ads in bulk, but truly - this is not the effect that you want for your website. The re-route to the app store completely derails the view of the site content and isn't that why you exist?

    I will do whatever I can to help you debug this issue. But may I humbly suggest that you put the responsibility on the ad supplier? They are not serving you well by redirecting the viewer *off* of your website.

    Thanks! JVIV

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