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How do you post a poll?


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  • How do you post a poll?

    I can't figure out how to post a poll. Directions, please and thank you!

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    Click the tab for posting a new thread, as usual. When the window opens for your post, scroll WAY down to see some additional options. You should see the following:

    Post a Poll ........ Create a poll with this number of options (Maximum 10): []

    Add the appropriate number to the box and proceed.

    Please keep a couple of things in mind when posting a poll, though. Polls are intended to enhance an already-viable conversation (usually about a more controversial topic) and are not intended to be a stand-alone popularity contest (favorite character, favorite couple), or about a frivolous topic (best hair). This is because polls take up more space than regular threads, so if they are not created as an additional element to an already substantial topic, they'll be removed. The second thing to remember is that posters who are still fairly new to the site (and have few posts) will not have the poll feature available to them.

    Hope this helps...
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