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question about a thread in the GH board.


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  • question about a thread in the GH board.

    There was a thread about a tribute video Perry Shen made to Kelly Thiebaud about Britt and Brad friendship. I believe it was created on the 12/8/14. I cant find it so I was wondering is the thread lost for good or is there a way I can recover it?

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    Threads that have not had any activity (replies) after three days scroll off the board permanently and cannot be recovered.

    If there is any thread topic that interests you, you can save it permanently to your own computer forever (before it scrolls off the board) by going to the bottom right of any page, and clicking on "Archive". This will give you a list of forums to select, and then you can select the thread you're interested in, once you're inside the correct forum. But remember that you can only save a thread while it's still on the forum, so if it begins to scroll to back pages, you should save it before it's gone. Once it's gone, it's gone...

    Moderators for individual forums can best answer your questions about missing posts or threads, and we do that privately through email.

    Hope this helps with future threads.
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