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    Why is it that every time I go to reply to thread if I take more than like 1 minute it logs me out? When I finish my reply and hit submit it tells me I don't have permission to do this because I'm not logged in. When I'm searching boards, reading threads, updating settings or even close the window it doesn't log me out but when I attempt to reply it does it every time. Is there anything that can be done to prevent it from happening?

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    When you log in next time, under your name and password boxes is a small box to check which says next to it - ''Remember Me.'' Check that box next time you log in and you won't be logged out from inactivity. Just reading threads and posts doesn't count as ''activity'' as anyone can read the boards, that's why you must be logged in if you want to reply to a thread. Zero posting activity will log you out after a certain amount of time.


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