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Questions about topics getting deleted?


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  • Questions about topics getting deleted?

    I'm sorry but may I know why my thread about Eileen Davidson returning to Days for a special episode as Kristen keeps getting deleted? May I please know what rules am I breaking by posting that? I thought we could post threads about an actor returning so we can discuss. I just need to know so I know what not to do in the future. It seems mods here are delete happy even over threads that are harmless. Like do guys need SOD CONFIRMATION before news is posted or what?

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    Please contact a moderator privately, through email, with questions about removals. We don't answer these questions on the site, out of respect for poster privacy. All moderators have a hyperlink to their email addresses, at the bottom of every post they make, in their signatures. You can click onto "email me" and go from there.

    The moderators are not "delete happy", but are required to remove guidelines violations.

    Not all removals are the fault of the thread originator, but can sometimes be the result of internal violations. There are also numerous reasons why topics are removed, such as having a vague title, being a duplicate topic of one that already exists on the forums, containing a link to a site that isn't permitted, revealing spoiler information in the topic title, etc., etc., but you need to ask a moderator privately.

    Hope this helps.
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