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Y&R wardrobe critic thread ...time to remove it.


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  • Y&R wardrobe critic thread ...time to remove it.

    I have been seeing several posts and comments in the young and the restless wardrobe thread that have been very subtle body shaming comments p.
    Mostly towards the actress that plays Mariah.Saying things she looks really unflattering in short skirts,ugly legs or too pale .All of which are untrue she's beautiful and should not have to go in that thread and see comments like that.
    Its comments like that cause eating disorders and self confidence issues for women or girls.
    Im so disappointed to see posters sayings things like this.
    So please something needs to be done about such comments ...if posters can't be more nicer and sensitive with the comments than maybe you need to to put a stop to that thread all together.

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    Please always use the flag feature to report any topic or post you think may violate SOC's guidelines. Unfortunately, we're not able to see everything, so the flags are helpful. In the meantime, I will take a look at that topic.
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