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Wondering why my post was deleted by Moderator.


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  • Wondering why my post was deleted by Moderator.

    I created a post on the Y&R Board back on Sept. 18, 2020, titled "Canadian Day Ahead Spoilers Question." The post simply asked if the show still airs a day ahead in Canada, & if so, did something happen to those who took the time to post the spoilers because I missed them. It went up for about a day, then I've been told it was deleted by a moderator for some reason. I tried getting a meagre to a moderator under the Contact option and got no response. I posted again recently asking how to find out what happened and whether I did something wrong for posting that question. Someone was nice enough to suggest I reach out to this Board to see if I can get an answer. Will you please let me know what the issue was so I won't make the same mistake again? Thanks....

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    You need to email a moderator directly. Each moderator has an "email me" link at the bottom of their posts. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about removals on the forum itself, out of respect for poster privacy. Sometimes a topic or a post is removed, though, through no fault of the topic or post creator. For example, a topic might be removed because too many posters inside the topic began to violate the rules -- not the fault of the topic originator.
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