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Can Daily Recap thread discussions not be closed out so early?


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  • Can Daily Recap thread discussions not be closed out so early?

    For those of us on the West coast in the U.S. it's disappointing to come to today's discussion thread and want to post a comment but find out that you are already locked out. It not even 7pm here and I'm sure I'm not the only one who either watches the show after dinner or gets busy during the day and doesn't have the time earlier to come to the forum.

    Any chance there can be a later cutoff time or even the next morning for closing these threads so all of us have a chance to participate in the discussion?

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    The live threads are only intended to be informational for those who can't watch in real time. Our cut-off is, and always has been, once shows have aired East Coast Time, and that policy is still in place. It's not possible to wait until everyone has watched in all time zones, or gotten back from vacation to see what's been recorded in their absence, etc., etc., so EST is it. Also, the live threads are not intended to be for posting opinions about the characters or storylines, but are meant to be a place to socialize a bit and to describe what's happening on the show. Opinions belong in designated opinion topics and will be removed from live threads.
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