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Did the Thread Preview Window Disappear?


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  • Did the Thread Preview Window Disappear?

    Last night while looking through the threads on my iPad I noticed that the little preview window that shows us the first couple lines of the thread content no longer pops up. I thought it was just my iPad having some type of malfunction. But It's also doing it on my laptop.
    Is this feature gone now? or am I having a user error situation?

    If I am doing something wrong or perhaps hit something that disabled this feature, can someone tell me how to get it back.
    Much appreciated!

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    I had thought that was the case myself -- there was a vBulletin update yesterday -- but it seems to be working for me now. If it's not working for you, try completely signing out and back in again. Fingers crossed!
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    • jodyb22
      jodyb22 commented
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      I tried that twice but unfortunately the preview window still doesn't work sadly.

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    it was gone for me too, but i cleared cookies& cache and it's back now.


    • namers
      namers commented
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      Most folks don't know about cleaning cookies & cache. I had some issues with a couple of sites the other day. I thought that cleaning and rebooting would work but it didn't. When I called for my blog I was 'reminded' that sometimes you need to reboot your modem too; cleans out the electricity!

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    I'll try the modem thing because nothing else has worked for me so far.


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      very good point, namers, thank you for the reminder!


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        Resetting my modem is the thing that finally worked for me! thank you


        • mamabarri
          mamabarri commented
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          very cool! thanks again, namers!

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