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Are We Allowed To Make A Character Poll?


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  • Are We Allowed To Make A Character Poll?

    Yesterday evening, I decided to make a Thread Poll about Gabi, I had put in 5 answers and posted it.. then when I tried to Vote it said, select option.. I went in to edit it..because it said make an option I didn't see no where to do that...

    and a couple of other users said they couldn't vote when they did vote it disappeared right before their eyes... and zap.. my poll was gone, only thing showing was vote and view votes... I was Just wondering are we not allowed to make a poll..???

    So seeing how it was messed up I flag my post for the "Mods" to delete it... So before I start again... I want to be sure we can or can't make a Poll...
    Last edited by J_Sam; February 26, 2020, 08:21 AM.

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    as far as i know, polls are allowed . maybe your poll answer options were an issue? you have to be careful of the phrasing, there are rules here about that kind of thing.


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      and with no offense, this isn't a matter for public consumption, you should contact that board's mod and ask privately.


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        Well I flag my own poll so they could removed it.. i made a new one... and it worked.. so i guess I made mistake.. with the poll thanks mama


        • mamabarri
          mamabarri commented
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          glad i could help sam, i had that issue years ago, and it was my answers.

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        If there is too much polls by people, the mods will delete, cuz it's too much space That is what one of the members said to me in the past....and yay you are back mamabarri ....


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          hello, my sweet friend tiff! i''m still waiting for word on our shows, gordon is really annoying me right now, lol!


          • tiff5555
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            Me too!!!! My brother is getting annoyed as well, hehe!

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          Polls take up more digital space on the site than regular topics do, so SOC's owner doesn't want them used for frivolous purposes, such as "which character do you like better" or "who should character be with -- x or y?"

          A poll is basically meant to be used in support of an otherwise viable discussion, usually about a more controversial storyline, or one with a lot of potential twists and turns.

          Hope this helps a bit.
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            So like the poll I made of Portia was to much with all the answers? i had about 6 answers,... to much .... Im sure is why it was removed.. thanks for the response..maybe they should disable that option.. I like a poll... its gives more opinions and what we all are liking in numbers..


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