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    I was going to post a link to Maura West's twitter because she has a pix of her and her stunt double.Janelle Beaudry,.. But I just put down said it was on Mrs West Twitter account.. are we allowed to post links? I never posted one before.. I haven't seen any posted.. so I was just wondering...

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    Most links can be posted, but it's against the guidelines to post links to (1) competing message boards, (2) articles or spoilers on other locations that are already appearing on SOC's front page, and (3) any YouTube videos that have been illegally posted on YouTube by people who don't own the copyright to those videos. Example: An individual posts a video of a soap episode that's from their own recording device. Links to that video are NOT allowed, because they're violating copyright law by posting it. The video belongs to the TV network, so if the YouTube video is posted by anyone else besides the network (legal owner), then it's not allowed.
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