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  • Pop up ads on Mobile

    I'm not sure if this is something new, but on mobile I keep getting these disruptive popup ads. Either they slide down from the top or the just pup up full screen and you have to click the x in order to navigate the forums. Is this just me or is this something new.

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    Hmmm...I am having the same problem. Kind of new, but I feel it's like a virus on my phone or something. Heard if you click on it, potential virus....I don't like it, I want it off.


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      Does AdBlocker work on phones?


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        Not sure about ad blockers. It's really annoying and very bad advertising. This is why people push for ad blockers. These new ads are very intrusive and have ads sliding down from the top or just blocking the whole page until you exit. I know google was going to be working on a solution to stop ads like this. I don't know why a change was made. I never had a problem with the banner ad at the top or the ads that appear along side the OP of a post. There were fine as they weren't intrusive yet visible enough to be seen. If there is any chance as disabling these new ads it would be great.


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          I am in the process of installing AdBlocker since I get huge ads even in the middle of posted scripts on the forum. The more I delete them the more they pop up.
          Google ads based on anything I have searched online.


          • Holly99
            Holly99 commented
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            Did you finally get AdBlock installed ?
            If so .. how do you like it ?

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          The ads are really over the top now. I use my phone to browse this website and it is full of ads, way more ads then ever before. First you have the ad slide down from the top. Then you have pops up ads that take over the screen, then you have multiple ads between posts.

          I remember two years ago this website had just one ad at the top of the page and an ad in the OP of posts. Now you have ads spammed everywhere and this website is honestly feeling like spam at this point. I don't understand why the change in ads.


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            You guys, this mess with the ads suddenly showing up smack in the middle of topics is seriously irritating -- as much for the mods as for anyone else. It's absolutely obnoxious!! I asked Dan just recently if this was anything he can reconfigure, but unfortunately this is a function of vBulletin that's not within SOC's ability to modify. Same with the other miscellaneous ongoing glitches and, so far, vBulletin has been completely tone deaf when it comes to the onslaught of our continuing and regular complaints.

            Unfortunately, there isn't any easy solution, because the alternatives are all easier said than done...
            Moore ideas
            SOC Moderator
            Please email me with questions or comments.

            Dumbledore to Harry:
            "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."


            • joncharmed93
              joncharmed93 commented
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              So SOC didn't cause these spam kind of ads? Now it makes sense why a gaming forum I use has refused to update to newer versions of Vbullentin. It's a shame that the company who runs Vbullentin feels the need to spam ads like this.

            • Moore ideas
              Moore ideas commented
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              Exactly! None of the bizarre ongoing glitches or new ad placements are SOC's doing; it's all on vBulletin and we've yelled and yelled and yelled about it.

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