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Is there is a message archive? I can't find how to access older messages.


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  • Is there is a message archive? I can't find how to access older messages.

    When I have a question, I hate to ask it if it was asked in the past, and it more than likely has. As a new member, I would think there would be an archive of past messages, at least for a few months, so you could do a search and find answers to things from a while back. Is there an archive and if not, could one be started? Thanks.

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    Are you asking about private messages in your profile or messages on the forums?

    Forum threads begin to scroll off the boards when they become inactive. If there have been no responses after 72 hours, the thread is automatically purged from the site. If there is a thread that interests you, though, you can archive it to your own computer by clicking onto "Archive", found at the bottom right of any page (in the blue band at the bottom). This will open a new window where you can click onto the show you're interested in, and a list of currently-existing threads will appear. Select your thread(s) you want, and save to your computer before it becomes inactive and scrolls off the site.

    Personal messages in your profile (Visitor Messages) should remain indefinitely; mine go back to 7-6-2008.
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      THANK YOU very much for your response!!! Yes, it was the threads on the boards I was referring to and you answered it. I appreciate it.


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