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It would be nice to have a non soap discussion section


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  • It would be nice to have a non soap discussion section

    i really think it would be great to have a non soap discussion section on this board that wasn’t for tech talk only.Another board should be added under this section.Lots of other soap message boards do it and it would be interesting. This Is just my opinion.
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    I think they did a one time when i join in 2004 but then they got rid of it .....


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      They should make a Housewives Board...because I do talk about them...but anywhere, I like what I type in the Reality Section...


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        We used to have a "groups" feature that began as a whole lot of fun, but unfortunately that became problematic when posters began to abuse it (gossiped about other posters, bashed the site, etc.) and the moderators had to start moderating those too. I don't know whether or not Dan would be interested in giving it another try, but his first attempt at giving posters that kind of fun area to interact socially turned into a huge disappointment.
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        • Holly99
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          Yes .. the group I used to post in became too "uncomfortable" to read/participate in .. so .. I quit posting there.

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        personally, i want nothing of the kind. this board is one of the few places i can come and NOT see continual battles about politics, religion or celebrity bashing.


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