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  • Feature Suggestion for Deleted Posts

    Hey, I don't know if this is possible, but sometimes I am left scratching my head as to why my posts get removed. There are times where I am on the fence about a post and suspect that it might get deleted, but other times that I am posting well with in guidelines and my post disappears.

    What I would like to suggest is a feature to make an easy job for Mods and a more fair and transparent system for the users. Is there a feature that you could set up that automatically notifies users when their post has been deleted, the content of the post, and the reason for the removal (this could be a drop down box the moderator could use to select the specific policy violation)? This helps two fold. It helps the user understand what policy they have violated and how, and it prevents moderators from being abusive of over zealous with deleting posts as they must demonstrate that it fits the specific policy violation.

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    You are always welcome (and even encouraged) to contact a moderator privately to find out about post and topic removals. Please do it in a timely manner, though, before topics and posts can scroll off the board. Please remember too that posts are sometimes removed, because they were in response to another poster's violation and are no longer relevant. For example, if another poster bashes an actor and you were to reply that you disagree, your post would be removed along with the original violation. These things can't really be addressed by clicking onto a box, because there are frequently layers of reasons for removals, but removals are always based on SOC's guidelines.
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