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    Remember that S3 begins tomorrow!


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      I've been trying to spread out watching of season three. I'm currently on episode 7. For me, the hardest part is having binge read 20 of 21 books in the series since January, that the Netflix version doesn't keep to the story in the books. There's too much variance in characters and their lives.

      Without giving away too many details, did anyone catch this Easter egg in episode 6? Sitting on Lily's coffee table is a copy of Robyn Carr's Moonlight Road from the Virgin River Series.


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        I didn't! Ha!

        I thought the new season started slow, but grew to like it a lot. I won't comment on any of the stories until more of you have seen the show.


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          Wow! What a final episode. I am already impatient for Season 4!


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            Just started watching the new season. I miss Hope’s presence; the dynamic with the other town ladies is not the same without her. And Charmaine is definitely being a first-class b—— and I must say the character barely looks pregnant this season 🙄. And I have to say I am not really feeling Jack’s sister. But I love 💗 Jack and Mel.


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              PS: The rowboat ride by candlelight, did anyone else think Jack was going to propose? I certainly did, but I am glad he didn’t.


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                Yes! It was romantic. Was only mildly disappointed that he didn't.

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              I thought it odd that Jack's getting shot was the big cliffhanger last year, but when the series started this year, he was already healed and back at work. I really missed seeing the interim. It makes me wonder about the new cliffhanger at the hospital (I won't say more for those of you still watching). Will that also be a non-issue next year?

              I know that AOT was probably away because of COVID and travel restrictions or comfort level, and think she was worked in beautifully, but didn't find it very real that she and Doc would be apart for so long. At minimum, I'd think that one of them would visit the other in person on a weekend or day off. Still, I'm grateful to have this show in spite of the pandemic.

              I think that the thing that bothers me most about Charmaine isn't her antics, but how pliable Jack is. We were saying to each other 'is he stupid'? We both love Jack, but he fell for her manipulations each and every time.


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                Finished season 3 this weekend. Here's my thoughts:

                Mel and Jack- ehhh. Hopefully season 4 will improve. Sure there were some good lines and funny moments, but not as good as previous seasons.

                Brie’s story. I’m glad she finally told her story, but I prefer the book version better. Her book storyline with a cheating husband and then other events was more satisfying than what season 3 featured. Not a fan of her and Brady. Prefer her with Mike.

                Hope and Doc- ehh. I’ll give it a pass due to COVID. I read spoilers online that hinted what was supposed to have happened. So fingers crossed we’ll get that in season 4. Like the start of season 3, I'm sure there'll be a time jump there.

                Paige’s friend- not cool.

                Lizzy- I enjoyed watching her relationship with Ricky grow. I also enjoyed the less rebellious side of her, and her scenes with Doc and Liddy.

                Tara- enjoyed her. While the events were sad and strayed slightly from the books, I enjoyed her addition. In fact, the books barely even mentioned her, hope to see more of her.

                Charmaine- what's the deal with Todd. Is there more to his story? He's very possessive. Is he the type of guy who looks for vulnerable women to manipulate? Or did they have a tryst while she and Jack were occasionally still dating, and the babies are his? Jack is too nice where she is concerned.


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