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Will Sally carry the baby to term?


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  • dalimama
    Senior Board Member
    • May 2005
    • 1798

    Will Sally carry the baby to term?

    My house is leaning towards no. While none of the below are unusual for pregnancy, seems the writers keep adding things. Morning sickness, high blood pressure, job stress, paternity stress, victor interfering.
    So wondering if Sally loses the baby, will Nick and Adam break off from Victor. Nick because he has already warned Victor and Adam because he realized the baby was his.

    FYI these are all just guesses and gossip from my house!
  • dedicatedsoaper
    Contract Poster
    • Apr 2013
    • 2536

    I think so...but who knows. I will love it if proven Adam is the father and they make their way back to each other.


    • daytimekittykat
      daytimekittykat commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, please

    • stopthefall
      stopthefall commented
      Editing a comment
      No, thank you. That whole triangle needs to be blown up for good.
  • Fanlady
    Executive Poster
    • Dec 2010
    • 4020

    Yes she will carry to term and she will blow up and become the next Mrs Newman right up there with Nikki, she’s already saying things like Victor better not mess with her now that she’s carrying a Newman baby. I knew it wouldn’t take long after she got pregnant with a Newman baby that she was going to turn into monster but she’ll be innocently subtle with it, and she’s going to flaunt it in Summer, Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon and Chelsea’s face, and mr. stupid Nick will see it as her being strong and driven.


    • prissaO
      prissaO commented
      Editing a comment
      This is exactly what I saw too. Golden Ticket Newman Baby!!
      I should have read your comment before posting mine.

    • Silentfan
      Silentfan commented
      Editing a comment
      Sally did seem to take some satisfaction in the fact that Summer wouldn't like being that baby's sibling. So what will Sally do if Adam is the father? He's on the outs with his family. I can't see Sally being a mother. She is too focused on building a career/
  • zenmaster5
    Soap Addict
    • May 2017
    • 6190

    unfortunately, it is looking more and more like she will most definitely carry to term! Anything can happen though! I am one of the people who prefer there not be a baby at all but it looks like so many want there to be a baby and for the baby to be Adams so this may be exactly what happens.
    If there has to be a baby, I prefer it be Nick's! especially because of all the trash talking Nick is saying about Adam. Sally seems like she is hoping the baby is Nick's too so why not give them this and let Adam move on to bigger and better things in life like conquering the business world with his talents in a venture of his own.


    • Amsdres S
      Amsdres S commented
      Editing a comment
      I gotta tell you I finally thought Adam met his perfect match when they put him and Sally together.
      But since they put her with Nick who I just despise
      I can’t even watch the show anymore just read recaps
      admittedly I really only watch for Adam the complexity of the character and pull between good and evil always made him my favorite soap character
      if they make Sally and Nick permanent with a baby when Adam and Sally fit better in every way and are just way more popular I will probably quit the show altogether because this is not something organic it’s just forced.

    • zenmaster5
      zenmaster5 commented
      Editing a comment
      I know what you mean about Adam. He is definitely one of my favorites on this show. I always look forward to seeing him on screen I just wish he had a better story going on though!
      I do agree with you about Sally and Nick being forced which is why they don't work! I still think the baby will be Adam's but I don't think that will reunite them. Sally just seems to be over Adam and really attached to Nick! Too bad she can't see that Nick isn't all that into her and that he is just enjoying the sex with a young lady like Sally.
  • Jupiter Jane
    Soap Addict
    • Mar 2004
    • 6806

    I would prefer No, but I fear Yes - just what we need, another baby sl. As I've said in other threads though, no word has been said about finding a place to live - is she going to bring up a baby in a hotel room. I think long ago when she was still at NM she mentioned to Adam finding an apt. [unless that's a false memory]. While I know they wouldn't provide a set for an apt for Sally, I wish they would at least mention it now that a baby is on the way. Furthermore, how can she afford a high-end hotel room when she is unemployed. Just a few irritants for me.


    • Perkygirl
      Perkygirl commented
      Editing a comment
      In the beginning I thought No, but now I'm not sure..I'm afraid instead of playing this straightforward (which they don't need to do because it's complicated enough) they're probably going to have a paternity test fix or some ridiculous thing we've seen already. I think Adam will be the father and because Sally truly does love him they will end up together. She just loves the stability of Nick because it's something she's never had in her life. It's Adam she loves and for once I think Y & R truly hit the mark with pairing Sally and Adam. They are a great couple and let's let them get their happy ending.
  • Shoelover
    Contract Poster
    • Dec 2017
    • 2905

    I'm going with "no". Don't we have enough daddy drama right now with Devon/Chance and Billy/Adam? So we really don't need an Adam/Nick story line...And on an unrelated, kinda related point, ya think Harrison knows he has a biological mother who's alive?


    • prissaO
      Board Regular
      • Aug 2018
      • 713

      I really hope not. 9 months of her being unsure and Nick reassuring her is annoying and sleep inducing. Changing paternity results (if Adam is the father) is played out and in 2023 unrealistic. Nick and Sally as a couple is unexciting. Although, I thought it was interesting that when Nick told her Victor was responsible for Jill cancelling the meeting, Sally got all huffy and exclaimed regardless of who is the father she's carrying Victors grandchild (a golden ticket Newman baby) and basically he better watch out because she's a fighter (or whatever). I said Yeah, that's the main thing isn't it - she's got a Newman baby so that makes her important and formidable, right? 🤔😑


      • CincyLady
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Sep 2005
        • 13616

        Originally posted by Fanlady View Post
        Yes she will carry to term and she will blow up and become the next Mrs Newman right up there with Nikki, she’s already saying things like Victor better not mess with her now that she’s carrying a Newman baby. I knew it wouldn’t take long after she got pregnant with a Newman baby that she was going to turn into monster but she’ll be innocently subtle with it, and she’s going to flaunt it in Summer, Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon and Chelsea’s face, and mr. stupid Nick will see it as her being strong and driven.
        A monster? If I were stuck in the immediate Newman family I would probably be a monster too - with someone like Victor at the head who already has tried to keep me from getting a job. I don't consider Adam part of the immediate family - neither do they. I wouldn't trust any of them - especially Victor. I'd be willing to raise the baby alone rather than be with Nick - again part of the immediate family.


        • Angelala
          Soap Addict
          • Jan 2007
          • 6386

          If this were real life I would never say this but with it being a soap I sure hope not. No more babies are needed on this show. Especially another Nick Newman baby. Just end this now.


          • bluejazz
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Aug 2008
            • 24176

            If she's having BP issues so early, I'm pretty sure she's going to have complications, probably pre-eclampsia and deliver early via C/S. They have to manufacture drama.

            Not going to be a tock though. They don't kill off Newman babies.

            I think the tock baby will be the one Mariah and Tessa are adopting and one of them will develop mental health issues.


            • bluejazz
              bluejazz commented
              Editing a comment
              Tick=live baby

              Tock=not live.

              It's like the clock. There's a tick, then there's a tock. Soaps do it a LOT.
          • littleliz
            I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
            • Nov 2016
            • 7999

            Let’s hope not. Nick doesn’t need another kid.
            Heck the show doesn’t need another kid. Hope
            Tessa and Mariah’s adoption falls thru. More
            kids to hide away.


            • stopthefall
              stopthefall commented
              Editing a comment
              I’m not anti-kid as many seem to be, not just Nick just in general😀but I don’t want this triangle to continue and therefore I don’t want the baby - of course in real life I wouldn’t feel this way.
          • mo12345
            • Aug 2013
            • 5301

            I think Sally will lose the baby. Who needs another who's the daddy story between Nick and Adam?? Nick is already raising Adam's son, Christian. Nick doesn't need another child at his age and for several reasons including her upbringing, Sally is not maternal in any way that I can see. And putting aside that this is a soap opera, what woman would have unprotected sex in these days?


            • Sugarpie
              Board Regular
              • Feb 2007
              • 659

              It all points to Sally missed those birth control pills on purpose to have a rich Newman baby. That's the real Sally Spectra. ....that's why she slept with both brothers to make sure she got pregnant by one or the other. She sure fooled Nick .And Adam is a fool to want the schemer after she slept with his brother!


              • jcwalk
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Feb 2004
                • 11840

                If the baby is Adams, i can see him suing for joint custody. Thus igniting the Adam & Nick war yet again.


                • TamJonFan
                  Executive Poster
                  • Aug 2005
                  • 4000

                  I want to say no she's not going to carry to term but if the baby is Adam's and someone (coughChloecough) changes the results then I have no doubt she's going to give birth. I really wish she wouldn't though because even if the baby is Adam's I don't want him anywhere near her skanky butt ever again. She's not worthy of him after the way she talks about him and sex's his brother every chance she gets. She's trash IMO. I hope she screws Nick over too.


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