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No, No, No, No - Who Asked for a Podcast Resurrection?


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    Just an excuse to have Billy further insinuated in Chelsea's life and infuriate Adam.


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      Am I the only one who heard Audra bring up the podcasts yesterday? I had a distinct feeling that as soon as Audra pitched her podcast idea to Nate that the next thing we would get was Chelsea and Billy doing another podcast together. No doubt for NM this time.


      • Angeldar
        Angeldar commented
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        You could be right. I just wonder about them working at Newman since he and Victor are always at odds but stranger things have happened.. I just hope they don't do it.

      • DallasGal
        DallasGal commented
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        Whatever happened to Elena's podcasts?

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      If there’s a podcast, it’ll be a bore-fest. Billy already works my last nerve. I’ll for sure be FF through this. I think we really could use a break from Billy, send him to an ashram to find himself, hopefully it will work better for him than it did Tucker.


      • RestlessFan
        RestlessFan commented
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        Jason Thompson's Billy seem to have veered off to a man who prefers to live on the edge. All due to the E.P./headwriter's preference for the character, it seems to me, and maybe the actor's choice, too. What happen to the family man, the father of Katie, Johnny, and going back to Victoria? I guess, it is too boring to write J.T.'s Billy that way anymore. The writing seems to veered towards mental health issues so characters can get stories or to be challenge in acting and to be nominated for emmy's, that seems to be the overall goals of the show, now. The family theme is more for Jack, Diane, and Kyle (on the Abbott side). As for the Newmans, the family or repeat s/l is for the 2 brothers, Sally, and Victor, and the most predictable and repeat, whos the daddy s/l. The rest (characters) are supporting or are not considered as the Newmans and Abbotts. Billy, on the edge, or mental instability provides stories now.

      • LittlePea
        LittlePea commented
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        Very tru RestlessFan I’m very tired with the wash, rinse, repeat with most of these storylines. Maybe it’s time for ME to take a break. I used to watch YR, GH and Days. I’m down to just YR and GH since Days moved to Peacock, that shows writing wasn’t worth paying for the Peacock subscription and from what Insee in the magazines and boards, it has only gotten crazier!

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      Originally posted by bluejazz View Post
      They are really being repetitious with their stories.

      Victor wants to crush Adam so he will crawl back to Victor and never ever tell him no again. Two years ago? Victor sure hates a lit of people. one day it's Adam, then next it's Billy. Then Jack. And now Sally. This from the guy who tolerates a cop poisoner and Sally did e aptly what Nikki, his baaaby, did. He's getting forgetful.

      Podcast Billy and Chelsea. Has it even been 6 months?. I remember Billy droning on and on about himself. I kind of tuned out because he's just not that interesting. Now it will be the two of them going on and on about themselves.

      Diane vs Phyllis and Harpy Co. Last time she was on.. And this has been eating the show. I'm glad Phyllis looks like she's going to have distractions from getting her Nemesis out of town, although she's going to flip tables when she finds out Jack and Disne are sexing it up.

      At least Sally and Daniel and Devon aren't repeating their past mistakes of a few months to a couple years ago.

      Actually, even these stories are not a repeat in their own lives, the Sally WTD story is definitely a repeat storyline with the same fathers (Adam/Nick) in yet another who's the daddy. UGH - do the writers not realize this is really dysfunctional (and downright yucky) that 2 brothers continuously go after the same girl (Nick going after Adam's girl) and almost in a seemingly sexual competition year after year?​ Neither one of them have learned from their mistakes yet (wear a condom, duh!!).

      Although I'm Team Devon in this silly IPO story, him going to court to get his way is a repeat of the Dom storyline. Even though they didn't end up in court Devon certainly threatened it and I was surprised that the let Abby bring that up - that her and Chance giving in to Devon actually kept them out of court because Devon was certainly ready to take them to court to be in Dom's life.

      Thankfully, Daniel isn't a repeat storyline. At least we get something new... 😑


      • #20
        Well thankfully Chelsea is listening to her doctor and saying no.


        • bronxgal
          bronxgal commented
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          Thank goodness for small favor in this mess of a storyline.

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        Originally posted by OrangeBlossom View Post
        Podcasts are a part of today's world everybody has one. Billy and Chelsea wants to help people struggling with mental illness they should go right ahead. I wish them all the success possible even if they get to help just one person from suffering from a terrible disease.
        I agree with you, OrangeBlossom. Well said!


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