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GP to get another resident?


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  • kha
    • Mar 2004
    • 5189

    GP to get another resident?

    Since Lily and Billy share a condo (which we haven't seen in forever) I guess Billy will soon become another resident of the Grand Phoenix. That hotel room set is up there on the most used list!

    I'm sure there's room for him at the Abbot mansion, but Jack would get preachy about Billy screwing up another good job and a good relationship.
  • zenmaster5
    Soap Addict
    • May 2017
    • 6182

    I wonder if Lily will opt to move out and stay at the GP since CW owns it now.
    Billy could also move into the pool house at the Abbott mansion, but he or Lily will
    probably opt for a suite at the GP like everyone else does.


    • aussiegal87
      Board Regular
      • Jan 2011
      • 824


      Jill needs to return to Genoa City and kick Abby out of that her Chancellor mansion!

      Then both Billy and Chance can move back in and get to know each other, they are related Billy is Chance's uncle (and Chance is related to Johnny and Katie).
      It' silly that they go around town not realizing each other exist.

      Who else could move in? The used to fill that mansion up with people, they didn't have to be related.


      • prissaO
        prissaO commented
        Editing a comment
        That’s a great idea. Maybe some of Chance’s responsible nature would rub off on Billy.
    • Nightrocker
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jul 2004
      • 21636

      Daniel will move in he Likes The Ice Teas


      • Shoelover
        Contract Poster
        • Dec 2017
        • 2904

        I think I would get claustrophobic living in that room at the GP long term. I would at least want to live somewhere with a kitchenette so I could at least not be forced to go to CL every morning for coffee and a muffin. So the GP doesn't have a cafeteria or dining area? The GCAC did. ?..I would truly get tired of going to Society and/or CL every single day to get something to eat.


        • msan1025
          Board Regular
          • Sep 2013
          • 833

          I'm so sick of seeing everyone at the GP.. Everyone goes there for everything and it's annoying. What I hate is seeing people who we know HAVE A HOME go there for a midafternoon romp in the sheets. Do they have to do EVERYTHING at that darn hotel?!


          • Forever Fan
            Forever Fan commented
            Editing a comment
            I was surprised to see the GP lobby yesterday. Thought that set was gone.

          • Shoelover
            Shoelover commented
            Editing a comment
            msan1025, plus seeing people who have enough money to get their own place deciding to live in a regularly sized hotel room that's being advertised as a suite.
        • 1catlover3
          Board Regular
          • Feb 2009
          • 830

          Well if he moves there they will have to change all the accessories again. What I think is funny is all the hotel rooms they are supposed to be in are on the same side of the hallway.


          • Shoelover
            Shoelover commented
            Editing a comment
            I noticed the same regarding the location of the rooms. Could they at least have a few of the residents living on the other side of the hallway.
        • littleliz
          I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
          • Nov 2016
          • 7989

          I used to criticize Jill for saying terrible things about Billy but
          he needs a kick in the butt. I always thought she liked Cain
          more but Billy needs a lot of attention and not for good.
          He still needs therapy for some underlying problem that
          may still be about Delia. He may know deep down it was his fault.


          • prissaO
            Board Regular
            • Aug 2018
            • 713

            I think Jack is so involved with defending Diane and protecting Diane that he would probably barely notice Billy returning to the mansion. But I think he will end up back at home for the hundredth time. Sad sack silly Billy - failed again.


            • Shoelover
              Shoelover commented
              Editing a comment
              Hmmm, I don't know if Billy's going back to the Abbott place as I don't think he wants to hear Jack go on about him failing yet again which would probably occur during Jack's downtime between defending Diane and/or lip-locked with her.
          • Jupiter Jane
            Soap Addict
            • Mar 2004
            • 6806

            Originally posted by msan1025 View Post
            I'm so sick of seeing everyone at the GP.. Everyone goes there for everything and it's annoying.
            ITA and what I also wonder is how some of them can afford a hotel like that. Yes some have money, but how about Sally - she's currently unemployed and I never got the impression she was well off. Is no-one interested in finding their own place?


            • Glenda44
              Day Player
              • Oct 2005
              • 246

              If Abby and Devon get together he could move in with Abby. Then when Tucker and Ashley get together they could move in too. They could buy the house from Jill.


              • aussiegal87
                aussiegal87 commented
                Editing a comment
                Why would Jill want Abby to live in her house after cheating on her grandson? Tucker and Devon are not Chancellor's, they don't have one drop of Chancellor blood, why would they want to live in Phillip Chancellor's home?

                Besides, Jill can't sell it . That was the stipulation in Katherine's Will that the house most remain in her hands in perpetuity.

                From Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/11/13:

                David: Katherine's half of the house.

                Jill: Ah.

                David: She's willed it to you.

                Jill: Mm-hmm.

                Victor: So, you see, Jill, Katherine hasn't forgotten you after all!

                David: There is a stipulation, however.

                Jill: Oh, a stipulation!

                David: The house must remain in your hands in perpetuity.

                Jill: You mean I can never sell it. This estate is vast! The upkeep alone will keep me in hock forever.

                Esther: I'll always be here to help you with it!

              • Soapfan54
                Soapfan54 commented
                Editing a comment
                LOL!! Devon wouldn't want to stay in the Chancellor Mansion! Who would? Staying in someone else's house is like being in prison! Hopefully, he'll get Abby and his child outta there. Chance can have it!

              • Shoelover
                Shoelover commented
                Editing a comment
                And yes, why would Devon want to leave his penthouse? Maybe Abby will move back into the Abbott house. All the other Abbotts live there. And as has been mentioned, maybe Billy will move back. Then the Abbott house will have as many residents as the GP! ?
                Last edited by Shoelover; December 31, 2022, 07:00 AM.
            • nm1968
              Recurring Poster
              • Oct 2021
              • 250

              Lilly could sell condo to Adam for sally


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