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Is It Just Me or Is Billy Not a Relevant Character Now


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  • bronxgal
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Jun 2005
    • 9106

    Is It Just Me or Is Billy Not a Relevant Character Now

    I am sorry but the character is just boring. His podcast is boring, his relationship with Lily is boring, his COO job is non-existent.

    To me, the character has been sidelined. His craziness from his alternate personality to the fall of Chancecomm may have been frustrating but he wasn’t dull.

    Now with Jack hopefully hiring Adam is he just going to sit on the sidelines and whine or is he going to take action?

    This calm reformed Billy does not make for good TV. He is fast forward material.

    And I love JT as an actor but he has nothing to sink his teeth into. Nothing.
  • Theresa_Fan
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jul 2007
    • 65059

    Billy is a relevant character, but the writing is bad. JT's Billy deserves better writing.

    Billy is the son of John and Jill. Give him better writing!


    • CloverLeaf
      • Jul 2017
      • 4563

      Thank heaven we have a break from Billy. I couldnt take much more of him. Cant stand the podcasts, or his making goo-goo eyes at Lily any more. ? I'm also tired of his bashing Adam. He sees him talking to Jack and he's right back to the old, worn out hate-filled slams. Send him back to LA on another business trip for about a year. I


      • Mariko
        Mariko commented
        Editing a comment
        I say send him back to Hong Kong for longer. As much as I loved JT on GH, I just can't stand Billy anymore. He's become absolutely unbearable.
    • xoregonian
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Feb 2014
      • 12768

      I still can't believe this podcast nonsense. I do not want to listen to Billy freaking Abbott pontificate about what life is all about. He walks around bobbing his head handing out little words of wisdom (he thinks). They should just make him a politician because that what he looks and acts like lately.


      • zenmaster5
        Soap Addict
        • May 2017
        • 6227

        I absolutely love Jason T and his character Billy and do believe he is still relevant. I think he is lacking a story at the moment but you give him so good material, he will run with it. He's a fantastic actor. You must get him away from Lily who is just holding him back and please do not pair him with Chelsea again. I think it's time Chelsea be forceful about wanting Connor and Johnny to spend time together and see how Billy handles that. I do think there can be a story there with Johnny especially if they age Johnny into a teenager.


        • DallasGal
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Jun 2008
          • 17118

          Billy is still relevant but the character is in limbo. The writers put him in a corner as far as CW is concerned with the constant talk of family as Billy sat quietly. Billy should be at Jabot.


          • Shoelover
            Contract Poster
            • Dec 2017
            • 2909

            I think maybe his story line will pick up with him and Lily breaking up due to him getting involved with Chelsea as well as him focusing on Victoria's well being.


            • Mermaid777
              Senior Board Member
              • Dec 2014
              • 1808

              I think he is relevant but boring right now and I want him to lose his attitude about Adam and others and just be nicer.


              • gippsy
                Senior Board Member
                • Jun 2004
                • 2027

                Billy is a moron and his podcast is dumb. I wish someone would frame him for Ashland's murder.
                Then he'd get locked up and we wouldn't have to see him anymore.


                • SBT4171
                  SBT4171 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  LMAO I love that comment. I think Billy has been reduced to being a one-note character. He has no substance.

                • CloverLeaf
                  CloverLeaf commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I laughed out loud at this comment! I'm on board.
              • janesBydiction
                I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                • Dec 2011
                • 7536

                Billy for the most part is either pathologically obsessed with Victoria, or he's podcasting. Both roles are completely uninteresting.

                I don't know if he's no longer relevant, but I personally don't find him remotely interesting anymore. It's been years since he was an interesting figure.


                • carolinakid
                  Soap Addict
                  • Jul 2007
                  • 6724

                  It’s been downhill for the Billy character since Billy Miller left the show. His character on GH has also gone downhill since he was recast with Cameron Mathison.
                  The actor is magic and I’m not even that big a fan.
                  Last edited by carolinakid; August 10, 2022, 07:03 AM.


                  • Mariko
                    Mariko commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I wish they had let David Thom stay when he came back. He was just finding his way back into the role, they didn't give him long enough to settle back in. They just dropped him in the middle of a massive storyline and that was that.
                • msan1025
                  Board Regular
                  • Sep 2013
                  • 848

                  I loved JT on GH, but he's just not a good Billy to me. He just doesn't fit with the cast as Billy and since he's taken over the role and he's just not likable for me. BM WAS Billy for me and I can't get behind anyone else in the role.


                  • Smithey
                    Board Regular
                    • Feb 2018
                    • 1413

                    I think Thompson makes a great "Billy Abbott" and looks like he fits in the family. The actor is top notch. That said, the writing for him is atrocious. The writing for the entire show is just bad.


                    • Forever Fan
                      Board Regular
                      • Sep 2018
                      • 1006

                      Right now, Billy's character is in limbo, which is okay. We can use a break from Billy's antics. But at the same time, the current writing for him is boring and repetitive. How many times do we need to see Billy sniping at Adam, arguing with Jack or obsessing over Victoria? The podcast is just the latest toy for this man-child who can't find his way in life.


                      • WorldTurner
                        Aspiring soap scribe
                        • Jan 2006
                        • 31212

                        For me, JT has never really worked as Billy but I think it is because they changed the writing for the character when he took over so I put it on the writers. JT is certainly a fine actor but he hasn't really had the writing to show it and make the character important on the canvas. This podcasting is the worst yet.


                        • Mr.Sami_Brady
                          Mr.Sami_Brady commented
                          Editing a comment
                          100% all of this. Billy has become a sleazy loser.

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