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If I were Kyle and Summer I would run back to Italy


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  • perky7kc
    Executive Poster
    • Apr 2006
    • 4303

    If I were Kyle and Summer I would run back to Italy

    They’re already in the middle of things that will come between them, why would they want to stay here.
  • zenmaster5
    Soap Addict
    • May 2017
    • 6169

    I love the idea of Phyllis having family in GC with her, as well as Jack having Kyle and Harrison back but you make a great point OP, the things Summer and Kyle been having to deal with since returning home can definitely come between them and ruin their marriage if they stay. I just hope their marriage is strong enough to handle whatever arises in their lives because they are in the middle of some heavy stuff and they have too many people in their ears about what they should do which would make anyone lose it.


    • DallasGal
      DallasGal commented
      Editing a comment
      I loved Jack saying to Phyllis that nothing was going to ruin the day because they were celebrating “their family” reunion and celebrating “us”.

      I am looking forward to Summer getting pregnant.

    • zenmaster5
      zenmaster5 commented
      Editing a comment
      I hope a pregnancy for Summer is in the cards for them soon. That would be so wonderful.
      I loved when Jack said that too! A wonderful scene that conveyed so much with those words Jack spoke that my heart was happy for them.
  • Lightdeb
    Board Regular
    • Sep 2013
    • 1426

    Kyle needs to shut Victor down with the quickness. I am falling into the viewer pool that despises Victor. Ewwww


    • Soapfan54
      Soapfan54 commented
      Editing a comment
      I must agree w/this. Victor willing to use a child to get rid of Ashland, because he doesn't believe Vicki can hold the line, along w/looping in his willing granddaughter for the scheme, is just EVIL!! Never mind Harrison's well-being And I don't believe for a minute that Victor cares about Harrison, no matter how many times he calls the stolen child his "grandson."
  • cowboytoast
    Recurring Poster
    • Mar 2019
    • 365

    more lousy writing - Jack telling Phyllis that "Harrison just learned the language in Italy" is just another example of the writers making "Smilin' Jack" out to be a clueless moron- that dopey kid can barely say "Dadddyyyyyyyyy!" on cue when one of his dads walks in -

    and speaking of Daddy Locke - Sharon has a lot of nerve calling him out - he should've handed her a $5 & a pack of matches and said " large no sugar - hold the arson" -

    i'm not fan of Locke but Sharon needs to cut the meds in half - i still wish her Mom would show up - she always busted her chops


    • Soapfan54
      Soapfan54 commented
      Editing a comment
      LOL!! I totally agree re: Jack! Ridiculous braggin' rights Harrison is just an adorable kid who's stuck w/idiot adults, at the moment. I hope Ashland can get the kid away from them ALL, stat!

      Re: Sharon SMH... W-T-H?!!
  • Soapfan54
    Contract Poster
    • Aug 2016
    • 2614

    No, let's see if the "Golden Couple" can weather the storm I'm lookin' forward to turmoil, heartache, tears, and chaos I DO NOT wish them well...


    • lonelygirl
      Soap Addict
      • Dec 2011
      • 7402

      You know l admit when l first saw Diane again l screamed not because l was scared lol, l was actually happy, but then they brought skyle back again, gosh, l cannot stand them they remind me of Lope, where everything revolves around them and their happiness, so yeah, now l get it, Diane return was more for their return, Kyle, it had nothing to do with Jack. l resent that now because l really don't care what they do with her since it's all related to Kyle obviously. So yeah, l am over her resurrection. Whatever. And it makes sense, sort of, her reason to be "alive" is for Kyle...ldk if like there were a triangle with Phack/Diane l'd be more enthusiastic maybe not, and Jack should know better by NOW so even THAT would be so lame. l really can't see Jack being crazy in love with Diane when his true love is Phyllis. So revisiting that dynamic would be repetitive.


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