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Ashland is just as ruthless as Victor and I like it!


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  • Chima
    Day Player
    • Feb 2017
    • 541

    Ashland is just as ruthless as Victor and I like it!

    Victor needs a lesson and a taste of his own medicine! Victor has threatened Ashland too death and he has not bat an eye. Victor has done things equally as disgusting as Ashland.
    Last edited by Chima; May 27, 2022, 09:51 AM.
  • DallasGal
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jun 2008
    • 17105

    I am not seeing ruthless Ashland. He hasn’t done anything remotely interesting since the fake cancer reveal. He is being manipulated by Adam and Sally, he sulks about Victoria, and now he wants to play dad again. He doesn’t look like a confident man as he wanders around town. Even when Ashland stares at Victor it lacks any punch.

    Jack may have stirred things up with that conversation about a court order but something needs to happen because Ashland is getting boring.


    • zenmaster5
      Soap Addict
      • May 2017
      • 6190

      Ashland doesn't scare easy and I really don't think he's threatened by anyone in Genoa City. They keep threatening him and telling him to leave town but he's still there because most of the time, the people who are threatening Ashland and telling him to leave town are full of big talk but no action behind it just frowns and sneers. I know Ashland has it in him to be just as ruthless as Victor but lately, he's pretty calm and may be that's because he's plotting his next move.. hopefully whatever Ashland is planning on doing picks up traction soon.


      • BellaCuore
        Senior Board Member
        • Apr 2017
        • 1989

        I don't agree with what Ashland did.. However, I do believe he adores Harrison and Victoria which messed with his head.. I think he can be ruthless but I can't see him do some of the horrific things Victor and Adam have done to people.. Adam still not long ago as well carrying those ghastly things out to his own family too..

        He didn't ever want to hurt Victoria and he never expected to fall in love with her..

        Robert Newman even said that in an interview which it did play out as he said.. Robert also said his strong points in his acting is personal romantic relationships which he knows he is good at and he will have to do what he can to win Victoria back..

        I do believe he was just doing something in regards to what Victor did to him while he did have a heart attack and Victor stopped Nikki from calling the ambulance until he signed those papers..

        Victor has done much worse things I can't even begin to speak of.. I know it hurt Victoria alot but I do believe he is completely in love with her and he has always has adored his son which is why he sent him with Kyle.. The storyline was rewritten and many know it..

        They decided to show Ashland get even with Victor for what he did to him while he had a heart attack.. Victor did so because he didn't want his company Cyaxares (S) to have a bad reputation because he knew all the horrid things Adam did..

        He wanted it with people who had a good reputation and he had a right to sell to whom he wanted or for whatever price he wanted.

        So funny how Victor never apologizes to anybody and he feels he can treat anybody how he wants but how dare anybody hand him back anything..

        Victoria was caught in the middle but I can tell Ashland didn't want that and I can clearly see he loves her very much and that child..

        Has anybody forgotten the despicable things Victor has done even to Nikki.. Not to mention the ghastly gruesome things Adam also has done? Yet Victor wants his son forgiven and he won't forgive others?

        I think Ashland just being seen has shown how interesting the character is and he isn't doing so much but he does have a shine about him and adds to the canvas in a good way....... His presence on screen is fantastic..

        Love it and I hope to see him be forgiven by Victoria eventually and I hope we find out Harrison is his child biologically.. We saw what Tara did to get what she wanted..

        Ashland and Harrison have so much chemistry as father and son... As well as Ashland with Victoria have oodles of chemistry..

        Kyle and Summer should have a child of their own.. I don't see Kyle having much chemistry with Harrison and I still think like I did from day one that Harrison is actually Ashland's.. I believe Tara lied as she wanted Kyle and The Abbott money as well..


        • Smithey
          Board Regular
          • Feb 2018
          • 1413

          That should read: "Ashland is just as ruthless as Victor USED to be."

          Victor has been neutered and is nowhere NEAR what he used to be or could be today. Just because the character is older doesn't mean he should be just float through life.


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