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Writers seem to be regressing Mariah and Summer's friendship


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  • Cici.lovely
    Day Player
    • Sep 2015
    • 207

    Writers seem to be regressing Mariah and Summer's friendship

    It seems like the writers are regressing Mariah and Summer's friendship/tolerance. Before, Mariah would rudely call Summer Snowflake but it seemed like she was being more polite. Her outright refusing Summers hug, seemed so over the top to me. The reasoning behind Mariah's grudge has never be clear to me. (I started watching in 2017) When I Googled, I see theories ranging from jealously to repressed sexual tension. Apparently, Summer was even the first female Mariah ever kissed. Funny that now, she pushes away a friendly hug on what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. Compare that to:

    April 2016 soapcentral.com recap: "Summer confirmed that she'd lied, and she hoped Mariah, Kevin, and Natalie were happy. Mariah ecstatically kissed Summer platonically on the mouth."

    Am I right, are the writers dialing up Mariah's rudeness and grudge now?
  • xoregonian
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2014
    • 12768

    They were just introducing the new Summer by having Mariah be her usual snarky self with her. It's what they do to try to make the new actor fit in and give us a taste of their history so they had the girls display their normal back-and-forth banter.

    It wasn't that bad. I just watched it. It was unusual to have such a snippy attitude at her wedding, but Mariah was just trying to act like it was the same old Summer, nothing has changed.


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