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Mariah’s hesitancy towards marriage


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  • TunerEyes
    Soap Addict
    • Dec 2014
    • 5605

    Mariah’s hesitancy towards marriage

    For those that weren’t watching back then, this might explain why Mariah has been hesitant to form long romantic relationships or get married. Mariah grew up in a cult with Ian Ward and he essentially kidnapped her and planned to marry her himself. She was still pretty young and I recall her being “saved” while in a wedding gown she was forced to wear. She had a lot of trust issues and while in GC she and Kevin were very best friends and tried to see if they could become a romantic couple, however it just didn’t feel right to either of them so they were resolved to stay BFs.

    Anyone else remember her early Ian days? Not the first time cults were part of a storyline. Nikki and Paul were in a cult and Micheal’s father was a cult leader as it turned out much to his and Kevin’s surprise (this was Michael’s father not Kevin’s terrible Tom). Well actually “River” Baldwin was a guru.
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  • couplingchick
    Soap Addict
    • Oct 2004
    • 5725

    Yes I remember that storyline… I really felt bad for Mariah and I think that really explains a lot of her overall attitude in general these last few years however I think with Sharon’s continued love and support and of course over these last few years Tessa as well …. That Mariah is slowly coming out of that hardened shell she put around herself. I wouldn’t say she’s 100% there yet but you can see how Sharon’s loving influence and honestly just total acceptance of her as her daughter has had an impact on Mariah overall.

    speaking of Kevin… I personally loved Mariah and Kevin… way more than I enjoyed either paired with anyone else. I think GR and CG just have that natural chemistry but it wasn’t meant to be for them as a couple on the show but I wish it would showcase their friendship more… I know Kyle is her friend as well as Devon but Mariah and Kevin go back even further …. Wish GR was shown more is all… always enjoyed pretty much the whole Baldwin family.


    • zenmaster5
      zenmaster5 commented
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      I loved Mariah and Kevin too! They really do have that natural chemistry between them. It's awful that Kevin isn't on the show more because for me, Mariah and Kevin are the real BFF

    • couplingchick
      couplingchick commented
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      Yes the friendship between Kevin and Mariah has always been unique and special and one of the few real and natural friendships that have developed on the show over the years.. I wish Kevin was shown more with Mariah and Tessa.. not the biggest fan of his wife Chloe but I’ll tolerate her to have Kevin on screen more lol
  • Gardengirl12
    Senior Board Member
    • Mar 2008
    • 2316

    She shoulda stayed hesitant, forever.


    • SBT4171
      SBT4171 commented
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      Wow. Not a fan of marriage or is it Tessa you object to?
  • zenmaster5
    Soap Addict
    • May 2017
    • 6169

    I do remember those days with Ian Ward and Mariah with the cult story. To be a part of cult like Mariah was, can really screw with your mind in so many ways. It does explain a lot about why Mariah is the way she is. it's so nice to see how far Mariah has come.

    Even thought Ian Ward was a despicable character, I have to say the stories he was involved in were pretty interesting.


    • littleliz
      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
      • Nov 2016
      • 7976

      Isn't the real actress planning a wedding? Not sure but thought I read she was getting married.


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