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promo week of may 16


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  • guichard
    Contract Poster
    • Oct 2015
    • 2822

    SPOILER! promo week of may 16

  • Juniors farm
    Senior Board Member
    • Feb 2016
    • 1699

    That looks Amazing !


    • couplingchick
      Soap Addict
      • Oct 2004
      • 5725

      Well coming off a few weeks of back from the dead moms, car crashes , deaths .. I think I can handle a few episodes of over the top sweetness lol… not a huge fan of Mariah/Tessa on their own but this wedding does involve a lot of GC residents so it should be entertaining in that regard as we don’t see all these characters interact together all that much anymore. Also Jack looks so happy and it’s about time after the crappy few years he’s had so I look forward to seeing that as well


      • WorldTurner
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jan 2006
        • 31185

        I'm also anxious to see nuSummer interact with people. If you watch closely, you can spot her standing next to Kyle just before Jack catches the bouquet.


        • couplingchick
          couplingchick commented
          Editing a comment
          I am as well! Perfect episode for Summer to return to town imo.. with most of her family at the wedding… can’t wait to see her with Phyllis and Nick!
      • DaisyTiff301
        Board Regular
        • Feb 2016
        • 994

        I can’t wait. These two actresses are amazing.


        • charmed53
          Board Regular
          • Jan 2009
          • 625

          I don't dislike her... but I don't really like her either... she's just there... I find y&r becomes background noise when she's on most the time.


          • Emerald Greens
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Feb 2006
            • 40956

            I like that both of them have someone to escort them in a way it’s the one each of them had to gain the trust of. A nice change of pace .


            • Penelope P
              Aspiring soap scribe
              • Feb 2007
              • 11498

              I hope that Teriah go on a long long honeymoon.


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