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SPECULATION: What Will NE Look Like After Ashland?


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  • SPECULATION: What Will NE Look Like After Ashland?

    I have to wonder ...what will be going on with that company after Ashland is ousted. My opinion...Ashland will go back to running his own company because the merger will be legally nullified by Michael. Adam, Sally and Victoria will all be in new positions. Adam will be returned to his original chair on the NM end of things, taking that back from Sally and I see Victoria just taking a leave of absence because of her devastation from Ashland. Of course, if she shoots him, she will be incarcerated until her family and Billy can testify on her behalf to get her off the charges. I don't see neither Adam nor Victoria getting the big chair right away. I see Sally being relieved of her duties by Victor and perhaps being offered a job by Ashland, because I don't think he will head back to NY right away before trying to get full custody of Harrison which will break up Kyle/Suummer, he being so devastated by the loss of the boy. Summer will return to work as a designer in GC, perhaps starting her own fashion house. Victor will convince Nick to take the big chair temporarily until he can decide who will be going there, maybe Adam and Vikki as co CEO. I'm sure there are a lot of things that could happen here.....would love to hear some ideas.

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    I love your ideas, so well thought out. Could you please apply to become head writer on the show? At least things would move along with you at the helm!


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      HA...that's funny, but thank you..if I were head writer, the first thing I would do is fix that baby storyline in about 3 days...lol..I guess I just think about what would make sense to me..but then sometimes I see other opinions and they make sense too....these speculation posts , I find, are always pretty interesting and, people can't help but wonder what will happen next. Actually, I always excelled in school in writing stories and about 10 years ago I wrote a book. I love writing stories.

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