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Dylan’s PTSD story w/dignity VS humiliating Chance for it.


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  • Dylan’s PTSD story w/dignity VS humiliating Chance for it.

    I still remember the name of the man killed in Dylan’s PTSD story. It was Dylan’s best friend Sully. They showed flashbacks and told us the whole story. Stitch was even cast as his army buddy doctor to round out the tale. At no point was Dylan made to look like a fool, weak, or humiliated for having PTSD because of serving our country. The writers on this story did a good job.

    The only point of Chance’s PTSD seems to be to make him a wimp so he can’t fight for his wife, or even support her. He can’t stand up to Devon. And he can’t even hold down a simple job, much less progress to something more.. Every time we see him, they write him as some type of loser who doesn’t know what the heck is going on.
    The prior two Chances were heroes and very sure of themselves and charming with the ladies. Kay, Jill, and other family members cared about him and had him in their stories. I don’t even see a glimmer of that in this Chance. Why do the writers feel the need to degrade this Chance at every turn? Is Phillip Chancellor the IVth a threat to other characters they favor so they are intentionally destroying him?

    I can’t make sense of it, and it’s hard to watch. Why tackle subjects like his and not even try? They should have left Chance presumed dead if they weren't going to make an effort.

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    I am very disappointed in Chance’s storyline. The writers have not even attempted to tell the viewers what happened before the bombing. The writers have Chance somewhat acknowledge he has a problem but doesn’t seek help.

    At least today Chance mentioned the family to Abby. Of course, she doesn’t want to bother anyone because heaven forbid that she call any Abbotts. Uncle Billy is fully aware of Devon’s power grab and the baby is sick but he is all fired up about a podcast. Billy should have called or been over to the house. It’s not like Dominic has the sniffles. I really dislike the gaps in the family connections. And, no call to Nina. Once again, Devon’s family (Nate) is involved and Amanda and Lily discuss the baby. No Newmans or Abbotts have ever been shown to discuss the baby except a brief Christmas gathering.
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      Extremely bizarre as weren't both storylines written by JG?

      Seriously, the last three years it feels like JG is pushing the most offensive narrative angles possible for the show. When we know he was previously capable of writing strong and compelling storylines.


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        And, one more thing. The show spent the better part of an hour show having Billy talk into his iPhone about his insomnia. Good grief. The guy spent a few nights struggling with sleep and now there is a whole storyline being developed so Billy can play a psychoanalyst for his own problems. And does anyone want to take Billy’s advice? I know I don’t. It’s insulting to the other character with PTSD just sitting on the couch.


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          Chance has a debilitating condition, he is not "weak." He is a human being who's suffering the effects of trauma. The world does not revolve around Abby. "Support" does not equate to Chance's kowtowing nor bending to his wife's every wit, whim, and tear. A REAL man has his OWN principles and lives by them. I wish that Abby would focus on her husband and INSIST upon his getting the help he needs! NOT because of Dominic, but because she loves him and is paying attention to HIM.

          The drawback of being pigeon-holed as a "hero," is that it takes away from one's humanity and places one on a shaky pedestal. Then, when one falls off, they're no longer given any esteem as a person. "Heroism" is not w/o trauma, as it involves confronting adversarial situations --and sometimes life or death. EVER'BODY lines up to throw a parade for the returning "hero," appropriating their sacrifice for themselves. But NO ONE pays any attention to them once the parade is over, other than to notice that they're not behaving "up to par." I feel sorry for Chance because he has NO ONE. Where's his mama? Smh and JMO...
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            I will repeat: There has been no diagnosis confirming that Chance has PTSD. He has not been examined by either a physician or a psychiatrist, or given a CT scan or MRI
            to determine if he has an organic ( brain damage, tumour etc) causation for his behavior. Until then--it is ??? what is going on with him.


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              If a soap opera is going to use a "current events" storyline, they need to do some research. It needs to be relatively "true to life." Unfortunately, like all other attempted stories, Josh Griffith completely leaves out important facts with this PTSD storyline. Not only that, but Josh destroys the character of Chance in the process. No respect for PTSD victims at all. No respect for viewers.


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                Originally posted by Mr.Sami_Brady View Post
                Extremely bizarre as weren't both storylines written by JG?

                I'm not so sure if it was. If Wikipedia is correct Dylan debuted in 2013 and Josh Griffith seemed to be on shaky ground with JFP even before Steve Burton arrived because Josh Griffith is already gone in August of 2013, so they must of had problems long before that.

                "In August 2013, speculation and reports indicated that Griffith had resigned as head writer, reportedly due to "creative differences" with Phelps. Further speculation adds that Shelly Altman may take over as the new head writer, alongside Tracey Thomson or Jean Passanante may be brought aboard as a new co-head writer.

                I know writers write well ahead. But if I remember correctly Dylan was first paired with Chelsea and her was baby was his, didn't they get more into the PTSD stuff more a little later?.
                I have no idea, but I'm guessing the next writers had to do, or at least re-do parts of the PTSD story because, this one is nothing like it. It has no compassion or realism at all. Chance is just given the same lines every time we see him. He worries about Abby, but we get no further than that and it's been months now. ?


                • Mr.Sami_Brady
                  Mr.Sami_Brady commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Now that you say that, that does track. The creative differences (Allegedly) was over Summer's paternity. He wanted Summer to be Jack's (as was originally intended as JG was interim HW when Phyllis became pregnant, and was replaced by LML).

                  Chelsea was never pregnant with Dylan's child. She knowingly started a relationship with Dylan to pass of Connor as his.

                  But yes JG was fired and replaced by JP and SA and they made Summer Nick's again.

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                simple, he is a Loser and they are writing him out.


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                  I would like to see them bring back Dylan at this particular time. He could recognize in Chance what he went through years ago with PTSD. It could lead to a great s/l about Dylan helping Chance through the darkness, and could eventually lead the two of them to help other vets and those suffering from traumatic situations in their lives. It's a great and very relevant s/l. The writers would have to do it justice though by doing their research and writing about PTSD authentically, not just winging it.

                  It could also insert some more angst into the Sharon/Rey marriage. Poor Rey, he'll have a stroke if one more of Sharon's ex-husbands shows up. LOL. Maybe he could be a good match for Abby when she breaks up with Chance.


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