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Where does Noah live?


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  • Where does Noah live?

    My husband asked me this just now - and I realized I don't know!!!

  • #2
    He lives with Sharon at the cottage.


    • KimLovesPiano
      KimLovesPiano commented
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      Thanks. I could not remember, or didn't know.

    • kha
      kha commented
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      If he's planning on staying in GC, he should get an apartment, not live at his mom's house. But that's not likely to happen. even his dad doesn't have a house set. For that matter, I'm not sure Sharon has a cottage living room anymore.

  • #3
    We actually got to see a bed, and I was happy to see Teriah's apartment. They can keep the new sets coming, as I am so over CL and Society as the backdrop every single day.


    • BrAk5742
      BrAk5742 commented
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      Teriah's place looks like Lola and Elena's old apartment above Crimson Lights. I was shocked to see Noah's bed wasn't at GP.

    • Good Kitty
      Good Kitty commented
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      Teriah’s apartment is Lola and Elena’s old apartment above CL. I was surprised at how completely furnished it was including multiple flower arrangements considering Mariah and Tessa just moved in. Whenever I moved somewhere there are always multiple boxes sitting around for months!

  • #4
    I thought he was with Sharon not sure. Sorry but he acts like he is 15. Please
    perk up soon. So cute too.


    • littleliz
      littleliz commented
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      Was he moping the whole time he was away? Getting lame.

  • #5
    Maybe he's stealth camping in an RV outside Crimson Lights.


    • CloverLeaf
      CloverLeaf commented
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      That was a pretty big bed for a camper.

  • #6
    Originally posted by littleliz View Post
    I thought he was with Sharon not sure. Sorry but he acts like he is 15. Please
    perk up soon. So cute too.
    Yes, and when he first came back, they had scenes at the cottage with fast foods containers everywhere. Rey and Sharon made some comments like, "Boy, that kid can really eat", making it sound like Noah was just home from college or something.

    Noah is 35-ish years old. He shouldn't be moping around like he's 19, living at his mommy's house. At least move to the ranch where there's an abundance of space to choose from.

    Getting so sick of Noah the Mope.


    • Praxis
      Praxis commented
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      Considering all the conversations that leaving Noah to sort it out over his unrequited love and looking forward to Tessa and Mariah's future happiness can only be telegraphing that the future will not be so bright for the engaged couple, and Noah will be involved in unhappy events.

    • xoregonian
      xoregonian commented
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      Praxis I know my hope is a ONS of drunken sex with Noah and Tess which results in her pregnancy, thereby ending the need for adoption. M & T need something to shake up their lovey-dovey existence.

  • #7
    Doesn't Nick live in a mansion? Seems that would be a better place for Noah. No spouse to impose on.


    • catmommy9
      catmommy9 commented
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      Is there even a set for Nick's residence? I don't remember the last time we saw where he lived. Seemed he was always having sex with Phyllis at her room in the Grand Phoenix. Now we pretty much just see him at Crimson Lights or Society. We also never see Christian, who presumably lives in Nick's unseen house with an unseen nanny taking care of him. So Noah is most definitely bunking with Sharon, Rey, and Faith.

  • #8
    Originally posted by mulford View Post
    Doesn't Nick live in a mansion? Seems that would be a better place for Noah. No spouse to impose on.
    I like it and in same time I found it really funny that all Sharon’s children prefer to live and be stuck all together in Sharon’s cottage than Nick’s mansion who him and Christian could play hide and seek for days without seeing each other …, I guess it’s their home, and it’s Noah’s home and you will think an adult son would stay in the parent’s place with the more comfortable space for him but yeah Sharon’s child love to live with her , they are not materialistic and prefer small space with their mum, than I guess not too familiar space even gigantic to their father


    • #9
      It's so sad that the show has so few sets for everyone. Nick's home used to be shown all the time and it would make complete sense that Noah lives with him, but since they apparently don't have this set any longer, they just stick him in Sharon's cottage. Really, how many sets are there? Six or seven...maybe eight? That's not many compared to what they used to have.


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