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Story Idea re: Dom


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  • Story Idea re: Dom

    I'm not marking this a spoiler because it's already out there about Devon's bio status & my thought is just an idea...

    What if it turns out that It wasn't Abby's egg, either, but Mariah's so Dom's not Abby's baby.

  • #2
    That's a possibility but I had rather Devon isn't the father and the baby's bio Mom is Abby. Abby loves Dom and it's been heartbreaking for her. If it turns out, Mariah is the bio Mim, Abby will be devastated. The only way to fix this whole baby mess is for Dom not to be the real father and Abby getting sole custody of Dom. Melissa Ordway has been doing some great acting, she is very good.


    • #3
      No eggs of Mariah's were harvested. The egg was fertilized before it was implanted in Mariah. It really isn't possible that she is the bio mom.


      • #4
        This is my idea of how to reverse the custody mess. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In this scenario Dom does not die:
        Devon has to go shopping to pick up some items. He puts Dom in the carseat, parks the car and puts up the windows and goes to do his shopping, totally forgetting Dom is in the car. It is hot out, and a passerby sees Dom alone in the car and calls 911. Police and ambulance come. Dom is hospitalized but is fine. He was not alone too long. In the meantime Devon is in the checkout line when he realizes he forgot all about Dom. He runs out to his car and is confronted by police. He faces charges and loses custody.


        • CloverLeaf
          CloverLeaf commented
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          We'd have to wait 6 months for the weather to turn. I want Devon to lose custody NOW.

      • #5
        Originally posted by WorldTurner View Post
        No eggs of Mariah's were harvested. The egg was fertilized before it was implanted in Mariah. It really isn't possible that she is the bio mom.
        That we know no eggs were harvested but maybe Mariah did harvest her eggs just in case because at that time she was not interested in being a mother but maybe she decided too because she was believed she wasnt going to want a child for some time.


        • #6
          I think Dominic will either need a blood transfusion or organ/tissue transplant of some kind and then they'll find out Devon isn't his father. It doesn't seem right to me that someone who was just a sperm donor can have shared custody while the woman who carried the baby inside her for 9 months has only limited access to Dominic.


          • Angeldar
            Angeldar commented
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            Perhaps the child will need a donor, they find out it is really Chance who is the father, he gives the baby what he needs, and they finally bond...end of weird story and finally normal.

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