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Please Explain: Victoria, Devon and Dominic


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  • Please Explain: Victoria, Devon and Dominic

    We have had 2-3 weeks
    where we had cut-ins from
    local networks or weather.

    Can some viewers explain
    how Victoria took over Afam’s
    company, Newman Media?

    And how did Devon so easily
    get shared custody?


  • #2
    Victor decided to sell the company to Victoria. Abby caved in since she had no support from Chance. She agreed to Devin requests and signed papers.


    • #3
      Dont forget the part where Christine told Abby and Chance that her surrogacy agreement with Devon would not stand up in court and she might as well sign over partial custody to Devon. Abby did because she got no support from her backstabbing husband. We never saw Abby getting any advice from anyone other than Chance who, as you know, doesnt seem too interested in being a father.

      Victoria had told her father things about Adam (like he was all primed and ready to print that article about Billy's drinking and down fall after losing ChanceCom) which were not true, but she accomplished her goal. She wanted to make her father doubt Adam's ability to be CEO of Newman Media. It appears that Pops bought into it because he sold NM to NL, out from under Adam. He told Victoria that she had to keep Adam on as CEO of the media division or no sale. Ashland was all ticked off that Victoria did not bring him along when she made the deal with Victor. Guess he doesnt want Adam anywhere near NL.


      • eileenregina
        eileenregina commented
        Editing a comment
        I missed the conversation with Christine, but what reasons did she give for the surrogacy agreement not standing up in court?

    • #4

      Thanks for the clarication.

      i might be dense, but I dont
      know what NL means, other
      than Newman L

      Somehow, Ashland is livking
      his chops.


      • Loyalyr
        Loyalyr commented
        Editing a comment
        Newman-Locke, the merged company.

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