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Old Shick history question


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  • Old Shick history question

    When Nick cheated in Denver did Cassie know?
    I remember when Sharon cheated with Diego Cassie was always blaming Sharon for Nick leaving etc and even questioned Diego.
    Sharon thought Nick was involved with Grace again and turned to Diego.

    why was Cassie so pro Nick when he cheated 2 times with Grace?
    nikki was the same way when she found out about Sharon and Diego.

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    Sharin never knew about the first time Nick cheated. That night Noah was sick, so Sharon spent the night in his room. Grace got into bed with Nick and they slept together, but he thought it was Sharon until morning (or later?), when Grace revealed the truth.
    Sharon only knows about the second time, in Denver, at a time when Nick was working a lot and Grace was his assistant.
    Cassie was too young at the time, 5 or 6, I think she never knew about Grace.


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      Nick has always been a very protected character on this soap. He's always had less blowback with his affairs and wrong doings when compared with the Sharon character. I think a lot of it just has to do with the fact that he has more family members on canvas who are never going to lay into him too hard when he screws up. For some reason this also applied to his kids fairly often.
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        Sharon never told Cassie about Nick cheating with Grace, and she also didn't blame him or badmouth him to Noah after the Phyllis affair. Sharon had to put up with a lot from Cassie simply because Nick was perfect in Cassie's eyes, and Sharon never told Cassie otherwise. As much as I love Shick, it is one of the things that bothered me. As Saturius s said, Nick has always been protected on this show. For example, Summer's paternity lie should've been Nick's and Nick's alone, and instead Sharon was thrown under the bus for that. It made for good drama, but it still bugged me that they went that direction.


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