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  • Sara_in_BC
    Soap Addict
    • Dec 2009
    • 5909

    Originally posted by Mr.Sami_Brady View Post
    And here I thought the writers were FINALLY showing some originality and having Noah and Chelsea hook-up. Nick and Sharon would have a stroke.
    Nothing says that cant happen either.But the chemistry with Rey and Chelsea is so much better. I think Noah is a flop. They need to expand his world beyond hanging with mom dad Tessa and Mariah.


    • fracabell
      Executive Poster
      • Mar 2009
      • 3876

      Originally posted by stopthefall View Post
      I just feel really sorry for SC and JM. Yet another redux of Sharon and Nick? At minimum Sharon shouldn’t want to go through that again but honestly both of them shouldn’t want to go through that again. And it’s just for me, not any more interesting than Sharon and Rey. I think they both deserve new people if they’re not going to put them back with their actual chemistry. Which the show runs from chemistry like it would ruin the show if there was actual chemistry in these pairings.?
      Some people, a lot of people i believe, love Shick. We have waited for a long time to have our couple back without a secret looming over them. I want to see my shick back and happy together. o sharon hiding a secret from nick about his family. I want to see shick go thru something and overcome it, they always bail, like when nick promised the secret wouldnt split them up and it did. would love to see them go thru something and come out on top, and maybe involve the newmans ( no adam, just vicky, victor and nikki).


      • Smithey
        Smithey commented
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        I think more viewers than not want some classic couples reunited and have them STAY reunited. The problem is the lack of creative writing.

      • stopthefall
        stopthefall commented
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        Having couples stay together is not very dramatic and the show is in dire need of some drama in my opinion. I’m not sure why people expect couples to stay together when they watch a soap, that’s just isn’t what soaps are about, again drama, daytime drama.
        Last edited by stopthefall; February 8, 2022, 09:30 PM.

      • fracabell
        fracabell commented
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        stopthefall But shick havent been together in a long long time, so i dont expect them all to stay together. they can give shick drama. they used to back in the day when they wrote better storylines. I just want shick together with a different problem than sharon hiding something from nick.
    • bluejazz
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Aug 2008
      • 24562

      I thought this was a Noah/Chelsea hookup too. It would be better.

      He would Eeyore all over her plans.

      They could be Eeyore and Pinky. Can you imagine all her frenetic energy and huffing and puffing up against Noah's um, gloomy lack of energy?
      Last edited by bluejazz; February 8, 2022, 08:59 AM.


      • Dixie_Amazon
        Dixie_Amazon commented
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        I love the spot-on references, lol.
    • Smithey
      Board Regular
      • Feb 2018
      • 1413

      I have a dream of Y&R being well written again.

      Instead, I get this nightmare.


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