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Ya'll Hear That? The Sound Of 3 Faces Cracking, Chelsea, Chloe, n Lauren


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  • Good Kitty
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    • Jun 2015
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    What I don’t get is Lauren was good friends with OG Sally Spectra. Where I come from you don’t go out of your way to repeatedly publicly humiliate an old friend’s niece especially in favor of a proven thief. Lauren should show Sally a little more grace. Whatever beef she has with Sally should be handled in private out of respect for her friendship with Sally Sr.
    Last edited by Good Kitty; February 4, 2022, 07:47 AM.


    • Smoochies
      Smoochies commented
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      Lauren has always been two faced, just NY Eve she was trash talking Chloe to her bestie Phyllis. Now Chloe's part had been whitewashed, and all the blame is on Sally and Sally only.

      The real issue is Lauren can't handle competition, Sally didn't sabotage her dress, she didn't ruin it, she copy off it, the only thing she did was give Vikki an option. Sally has as much right to present to Vikki has Lauren does. This resentment is way over kill, who was really hurt by Sally's actions, whose life was ruined? Lauren holds attempted murderers in less content than she does Sally.

      That's why I know it's not about right or wrong it's pure and simple jealousy and using their influence to keep Sally down. Some pathetic women can't feel good about themselves unless they have their foot on someone else's neck.

    • Mariko
      Mariko commented
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      This is EXACTLY my point Good Kitty, she pulled MUCH worse crap together with the original Sally Spectra back in the day, than the current Sally has EVER pulled. Yet she has the gall to treat her great niece like dog crap, because she got Summer a better job, and she designed a better dress than Lauren's designer was able to do.

    • thecourt99
      thecourt99 commented
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      You read my mind. Lauren and Sally were good friends. Lauren is fully aware of the fact that a good deal of Sally's fortune was gained by stealing the designs of others. Lauren was a friend to OG Sally in spite of that. So for her to turn on niece Sally because she lost in a heads up competition for a wedding dress? It seems odd. Especially given that she just forgave Chelsea for embezzlement and is ready to work with her, but Sally is still persona non grata. It's inconsistent and illogical.

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