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    any thing with Devon


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      Devon and Amanda since they are in scene's together it's not that hard to get my wish.


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        Without a doubt Devon/Amanda/Chance. I wouldn’t mind watching Abby and baby Dom alone.

        I’m not interested in Noah’s character. If he doesn't have a brain/personality implant soon, he’d be on the list along with Rey. While they are trying to make him more relevant and human with Sharon it seems he is window dressing for Chance in his return to work/PTSD storyline. Could do without watching him too.

        I guess I could add Lily and Billy to the FF or not watch list. Billy’s and Lily’s only redeeming possibility right now as I see it is if one of them reveals to Victor or Adam or Sally (to tell Adam) that Victoria was blackmailing them and how that all went down. Otherwise watching them cooing over each other at naseum really makes them unwatchable.

        On a more positive note, fortunately Victor, Michael, Adam, Sally, guess the Chloe/Chelsea/Lauren trio, and Victoria/Ashland storylines keep me entertained right now and looking forward to more from them. Not so much about Sharon/Nick’s family but watchable.


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          Everything related to Tessa. I can't stand her voice or character.


          • smokeyjune1
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            Yeah, I can't believe they bought her back on the show.

        • #35
          Quit watching when Chels came back. Now that it's clear she is moving on to other stories I can watch, I will mute/or fast forward her. I do not watch Abby and Chance. Abby ruined Chance for me.


          • #36
            FF'ing anytime Devon is on for the past few weeks. Starting to ff thru Noah. It's been like 2 years or so since he's been with Tessa. I just don't buy he's that much in love with her, they barely dated as it is. I skim thru Abby & Chance, ff & pause once in a while.

            I do wonder what Ashland is up to, I'm really going to miss the actor. Encouraged by all the support I'm reading in favor of the new guy.

            I don't ff thru Sally, Phyliss or Billy & Lily, but I don't pay close attention to either.


            • #37
              I hate to FF anything, but I absolutely cannot tolerate Abby any more which is unfortunate because so much storyline seems to focus on her. I had such high hopes for Chance at first, but things have just not progressed. Nothing is interesting there, don't care about either one of them anymore. It's just too annoying to watch an episode with too much Abby, which now extends to Devon and Amanda.

              I would definitely FF Billy, just such an annoying character at this point. But I like Lily, so for me Lily makes Billy tolerable.

              I usually tune out if Phyllis is being annoying, but the possibility of her reuniting with Nick keeps my interest.

              So disappointed with Chelsea. Just wish she would concentrate on being a mom, concentrate on her own career and leave Sally alone. Hope she can find someone else and forget about Adam.

              Things that keep me watching:

              I do enjoy the new business dynamic that has evolved between Victoria, Ashland, Victor and Adam. Definitely rooting for Adam to succeed, and always love his scenes with Sally. Adam and Sally are the main reason I keep watching (and SO disappointed that they weren't on today, Friday!)

              I do like the Noah/Tessa/Mariah triangle, not sure how that is going to play out. But I'm still fascinated with Noah, and enjoy his interactions with his family.

              And I kind of like the idea of Rey with Chelsea. Guess it's just exciting to mix things up a little bit. And I always enjoy Elena, wish she would have more story.


              • #38
                I FF anything Abby just can not handle her whining all the time Chelsea ,Chloe and Lauren the stepford sisters.Victoria and her holier then thou attitude . I love Adam and Sally they are so great together and light up the screen when they are on Victor and Ashland love the story there and I love that Micheal is back and is his old self again fun to watch him and Victor scheme. Nick and Sharon literally put me to sleep so boring.I hate the whole surrogate designer baby story can not FF that one fast enough.


                • #39
                  Anything with Devon, Chelsea, or Sally.


                  • #40

                    Anything Victor and Michael (I wish ALL Newmans would find out Michael knew about Victor's poisoning but didn't lift a finger to help and he let Victoria sit in jail cause she was framed by Adam and Michael knew)

                    Devon and Amanda (no explanation necessary all to do with Abby's son)

                    Christine for always being the one to deliver bad news and not fighting for her clients..........

                    Chloe and Chelsea (most childish two women)

                    I'm SO sick of the propping of Victor........... This show is about many characters and to treat him like a God which he is far from.....


                    • #41
                      Any thing Abby Chance and Devon and anything with Oh please love me Phyllis ! lol


                      • #42
                        I FF through any scene with SALLY Couldn't stand her on BOLD and unlucky us she relocated to GC to irritate my favorite Soap......I love Adam, but I won't be watching the Adam /Sally love fest.EGAD's she's annoying..........Lily and Billy is FF as is Amanda and Devon.....


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                          chance/abby, abby/devon, chance/devon, devon/hilary, devon/lily, devon/mariah...


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