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I feel so sad for Dominic, his non bio dad doesn’t want him.


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  • Fanlady
    Executive Poster
    • Dec 2010
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    I feel so sad for Dominic, his non bio dad doesn’t want him.

    I can’t stand!!! Devon but at least he loves Dom with all his heart, whereas Chance just doesn’t care enough, I think he cares but not enough, not like protective papa bear care, I think he only cares for him because Dom is a part of Abby. I feel so bad for the little guy. IMO, this makes Chance not a good man, what women would want to be with a man that can’t love her child unconditionally? Chance loves Dom with conditions, and those conditions is to share fatherhood with Devon. That’s a weak man. Chance is falling into that deadbeat dad category, IMO.

    I don’t even want to imagine how he’d treat a child that was adopted, that wasn’t bio connected to him or Abby.
  • PennyB
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Oct 2006
    • 14562

    Fortunately Dom has a bio father who adores him, and a loving mother. Also grandparents, aunts, uncles...friends. He'll be fine (until he hits puberty)


    • Fightcrab
      Board Regular
      • Apr 2020
      • 627

      His non bio dad loves him, but he has PTSD and needs therapy. The sperm donor used the situation to get custody. I don't think its great for the child to be confused about his dads. There are many single mothers that raise their children, no need to have many dads.
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      • Brendas
        • Jan 2022
        • 45

        Abby needs to divorce Chance. I want Abby to raise her child alone and take Devon to court and file for sole custody. Many single women raise their children alone. Also, she needs to make Nick or Noah Dom's godfather.


        • Soapfan54
          Soapfan54 commented
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          Why should Dominic be deprived of a father who loves him just because Abby picked the wrong husband? If Abby divorces Chance because he cannot parent Dominic, then Devon should file for joint custody. He is Dominic's biological father and, sorry, Abby doesn't get to raise the baby w/o his father having a say in his life. Suppose she chooses another substandard husband? Dominic shouldn't be forced to live w/that kind of poor decision-making!

        • Brendas
          Brendas commented
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          It doesn't matter because Devon is just a sperm donor. Abby was clear from the beginning about the terms.
          When people adopt or go through a surrogate and the couple splits up, the biological parents don't get to step in as the parent. Devon is just the donor.

        • Sara_in_BC
          Sara_in_BC commented
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          That's the problem from the moment Dom was born Abby each day progressively treated Devon as his father.

          With all that's transpired. PtSD or not Chance just wants to be secondary in baby's life. And it's just as bad he'd rather give up partial custody over getting help. think most courts would grant Devon joint custody now.

          I actually feel sorry for Abby. She loves Chance and shes tired of trying to pick up the slack for her husband who has ptsd but just seems to want his wife not the baby. She knows something is really off but she has to tiptoe around him. She needs to say get help or leave.

          Anyone else notice Chance seems very childlike and immature? Its disconcerting given old Chance and his very strong persona. I really dont think this was a good recast beyond that NuChance is easy on the eyes as well.
          Last edited by Sara_in_BC; February 3, 2022, 08:24 PM.

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